KrnlPanic's Linux Notes and Tips

Working with linux since kernel version 2.0.30

Definition of Kernel Panic

What in the hell is a KrnlPanic? Let’s start with “What is a kernel?”. The kernel is the core of your operating system (OS), whether your OS is Linux, Unix or windows. The kernel takes care of all process management … Read more »

Monitor Filesystem for Changed Files

When running a webserver, it is important to understand the state of the files that are stored on your system. If you run wordpress or a shopping cart system or a forum or any other software that has potential vulnerabilities, … Read more »

Updating apache default vhost in cpanel

I just spun up a new CentOS 7 Virtual Private Server (VPS), and as is always the case, needed to get the Apache server configured and operational to support the necessary Virtual Hosts (vhosts). I always have a difficult time … Read more »

RHEL7 / Centos grub2 boot password

Grub2 is the kernel bootloader in Red Hat Linux. It is used to store kernel boot parameters and provides a mechanism to interact with the kernel boot command line. Any user who has local access to a Linux machine can … Read more »

Linux Kernel 4.7 Released

New features in Linux kernel 4.7 One of the biggest changes made in Linux kernel 4.7 is the support for the newly announced Radeon 480 GPUs from AMD. As expected, this support has been embedded directly into the AMDGPU video … Read more »

PHPBB Moderator Queue Notifications

PHPBB3 does not have a built-in moderation queue notification capability. So, if a new user posts in a forum that requires approval, then the post will sit there in the modification queue until a moderator either sees the icon on … Read more »