VA Unconstitutional laws have to be abolished

The Code of Virginia is not preemptible by local statute

VA Unconstitutional laws have to be abolished

Postby Oakes » Wed, 22 Jul 2020 21:09:46

There are a few sites where there is advertising to sell and buy guns. With these new laws comes the extra burden that I must have a background check for each and every new purchase. It appears that no FFL in Northern VA wants to do a private transfer. They have just made selling and buying of private sale guns impossible. As a VA gun buyer I must pay a fee and a tax to exercise my constitutional right. Think of any other "right" that is taxed? Then there is the threat that they are going to tax guns and ammo out of existence.
Its time to take it all back. Since no one wants to transfer these sales in the northern VA area they are infringing on my ability to use my constitutional right to buy a gun.
And since when did exercising your rights stop at another city in the state you reside in. Since when did a Constitutional right stop at a states' border?
It all needs to come down. How about we don't hunt for a few years. Let the deer, turkey and coming hogs have at the habitat. Lets the geese and ducks poop in the lakes into something that can't be used as drinking water. They can give me a tax deduction to keep the animals in check and they can fund habitat, equipment, training and personnel through higher taxes that everyone would have to pay equally.
It's time to take this to court as many states are also violating our rights.

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Re: VA Unconstitutional laws have to be abolished

Postby WRW » Fri, 24 Jul 2020 10:55:32

Agreed. Keep and bear abridgment.

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