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Fisher Solutions Handgun Sight Tool

PostPosted: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 10:58:21
by WVUBeta1904
I am looking for a slightly less expensive handgun sight adjustment tool for working on various pistols. It seems that most sight adjusters I come across are way overinflated in price ($120-160), and appear to have only been manufactured to fit a specific model of pistol. I am well aware of the vise/punch method, although, I am specifically looking for a sight tool meant for this task.

I'm curious if any of you have had experience with this Handgun Sight Tool, which claims to be universal, to a much broader extent than most other adjusters. I've watched videos on the product, and it seems to work well enough, although a sample-size among the forum would make me a little more confident about a future purchase.

Re: Fisher Solutions Handgun Sight Tool

PostPosted: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 13:26:04
by confederate4ver1