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Yet another "smart gun" design

PostPosted: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 08:13:24
by AlanM
MIT freshman tries to save lives with smart guns

When Kai Kloepfer points his .40 caliber handgun, it fires like any other weapon. But when someone else gives it a try, it doesn’t work. It’s the first firearm with same built-in security as many smartphones.
If the gun is picked up by an authorized user, a sensor recognizes the fingerprint and it will fire.

Guns that only work for their owners used to be the stuff of movies, like James Bond’s gun in “Skyfall,” but Kloepfer thinks he has the technology to make them a reality, reports CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil.

“I think this could be huge. I think it could really be the future of firearms,” Kloepfer said.

This quote by the inventor triggered nearly every commenter of the article:
Kloepfer said his gun is “relatively reliable.”

“I know, like, when I’m using it, when I’m testing it, it functions almost every single time,” Kloepfer said.

Best comment that I saw:
"The last thing you want to see on your gun when you really, really need it, is "404 fatal error".............................."

Re: Yet another "smart gun" design

PostPosted: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 08:34:34
by Ironbear
I could see the defense, "I didn't shoot him! It was hacked by the Russians!"

Re: Yet another "smart gun" design

PostPosted: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 14:14:48
@IronBear: +1

Man, I wish that they would lay off this nonsense. We don't need "smart guns". There was a link on Drudge, the other day; an article about a guy who shot and killed a guy who was assaulting an Arizona Trooper. If I recall correctly, the guy used the Troopers pistol to shoot the assailant. With a "smart gun", that would not have been possible.

There are some places that computer technology simply does not belong. Firearms are at the top of that list.

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Re: Yet another "smart gun" design

PostPosted: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 15:42:55
by Snakester
Got a Smart Phone and a Smart TV.....Don't want a Smart Gun ! :pistol:

Re: Yet another "smart gun" design

PostPosted: Sat, 14 Jan 2017 07:42:28
by AlanM
Were there two shootings of perps attacking Arizona State Troopers?
The latest incident has been reported nearly everywhere that the good samaritan had to:
1. Ask the trooper if he needed/wanted help. (AZ law???)
2. Go back to his own vehicle and retrieve his OWN firearm, return, order the perp. to quit beating the cop, and THEN shoot/kill the perp.

Google: "Good Samaritan with gun kills man beating state trooper"