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Waxed slugs

PostPosted: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 02:14:56
by joeshmo
I've been making waxed slugs for a few years now with great success. I believe it is a highly overlooked ammunition one can stock up on cheaply and made in any scenario where one would need more of a bite. For 20 bucks per 100 rounds of bird shot, and 15 bucks for high temp wax you can make a very decent slug without breaking the bank of purchasing off the shelf slugs. My theory is to keep a few dozen cheap target cases laying around just in case and they can always be used for small game as well.

On black friday I picked up buy one box of 100 for 20 bucks and get the second 50 percent off. 30 bucks for 200 rounds, you cant beat that!! Just wanted to share one thing I do with the rest If some have never heard of a waxed slug. There are a few youtube videos on how to make them and would suggest all to watch. My method is a bit different (less messy and different wax) but overall the same. You can also get creative making them as well

Re: Waxed slugs

PostPosted: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 16:30:40
I'd seen that, recently. I also saw the demonstration of the "ringed slugs", aka "cut slugs".

One thing I'd mention with those, I would probably want to load each round manually, as I'd hate to have a stray ball end up in the inner workings of my gun.

You stated that your method of making wax slugs was slightly different. Perhaps you could make a video to demonstrate your method? I'd be interested in seeing that.

Re: Waxed slugs

PostPosted: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 18:23:52
by joeshmo
I can make a video in a few weeks but will tell you-

Use a high temp wax. 170+ degrees and you wont have to worry about a stray lead. Sand down the shell top evenly after cutting open.
Do not try to speed up the process of the wax by putting it in the fridge or it will crack.
Make a 20 hole mold for the shells to fit into tightly and overfill with wax (not shot) because the wax shrinks when cooling and you have no mess afterwards.
After wax slug is completely cool take a hot knife and melt off the top of the was slug so it is even with the shot case
If the wax slug is not completely clear and opeque at the top it will break apart
And obviously only scoop the lead shot to the rim of the wad then straight wax to the top of the shot shell.
You can make molds and use machine wax (melting point 350 degrees) and put it in the wad then back fill with regular wax
Use polycrystaline wax- 230 degree melting point
Use bb's with extra fine sawdust mixed in ( Great results)

I have never had a feeding issue or had my shotgun get hot enought to melt any of the wax. Cycled them through a saiga, remmington and mossburg with no issues.