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Want to see what your barrels look like?

PostPosted: Wed, 01 Jun 2016 09:01:38
by AlanM
For some reason I ended up on the mailing list of Tmart.Com which is an advertising site for small lots of products from China. Much like [url][/url] if you know who they are except mostly new products.
Normally I'm very careful about following the rule that produces are usually not worth what you pay for them but this piqued my interest.

2M 6-LED 5.5mm Lens IP67 Waterproof Android Video Endoscope Borescope Snake USB Inspection Camera

I figured at that price I could afford to gamble. Well, I was surprised. It took a while for the small bubble wrap envelope to arrive but when it did and I got a camera viewing program up and running on my PC the images I got more than exceeded my expectations.

There are other sized units in both length and diameter however the 5.5 mm camera will, quite easily, fit down a .22 cal pistol barrel.

The guns that I had close at hand as I sit here this morning at my computer are my 30 year old 1911 that was my EDC for years and a Buckmark .22lr pistol with a Tactical Solutions 10 inch barrel.
So here are the pics that I just quickly grabbed from my monitor.
Note: the software I'm currently using only produces 640x480 images. The camera documentation says that with a PC 1280x720 is possible.

About half the barrel and bolt face of the 30 year old 1911:

The bolt face and chamber of the Buckmark .22:

The view from near the muzzle of the 10 inch .22 cal barrel:

IMHO not bad for an investment of less than $20.

Re: Want to see what your barrels look like?

PostPosted: Wed, 01 Jun 2016 09:53:55
by AlanM
I was just informed in a response to this thread posted on another forum that also sells these and all sorts of other neat electronic optical devices.

The guy that responded does home inspections and hadn't thought of sticking one down his gun barrel.