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WTB: Century Arms 12 gauge "Fury II" (FTF near Richmond)

PostPosted: Tue, 05 Jan 2016 00:45:01
by JamesDuncan
Hi - I would like to buy a shotgun in used, but very good condition to save a few $. From my research, I'm mostly interested in the following model as it is inexpensive and seem to perform reasonably well, even if called "ugly" and “cheap” by reviewers:

Century International Arms “Catamount Fury II" (Model # SG1875N or SG3015-N)

I also want the choke tubes (3, I think), magazine and cleaning kit that were originally included with it.

I've never owned a gun before and I don't trust my skills in determining good from bad. So unless it's obviously like new, I would prefer to meet at a gunsmith and pay to have the gun inspected for proper operation and then pay you in cash or bank/certified check (your preference). I'm happy to show government-issued Virginia ID and a recent utility or phone bill to demonstrate that I'm a legitimate VA resident. I also have a clean record.

I can afford to buy a few accessories as well, so if you have a holster or some extra magazines (I just learned the difference from "clips") or whatever, I could probably buy those too.

Thank you and Happy 2016!

Re: WTB: Century Arms 12 gauge "Fury II" (FTF near Richmond)

PostPosted: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 22:55:19
by JamesDuncan
I'm interested in up to 3 if the price is right as I have a friend and a neighbor who each want one and after some discussion, we agreed that it made sense to standardize to help troubleshooting, etc.

Might consider a PW ARMS AR-12 12gauge shotgun as well.

Thank you!