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while it's illegal to actually HUNT over bait

PostPosted: Sun, 09 Oct 2016 22:50:17
by bali
in a lot of areas, it's NOT illegal to bait the hell out of game before the season. Many an archer leaves a couple of tree stands up for a month before season, and to get deer right where he wants them, he'll bury a salt block there in the spring (and remove the salt blocks from neighboring farms/ranches, about a month before bow season opens :-)

Then it's time for the sweet corn, apples, peanut butter, carrots to get the deer using the lick. A week or so before season opens, he'll again bait the lick for a few days. First day of bow season, he'll be in the tree stand at 4 am, with full cammo, scent-remover, a 3 sided, folding blind, a little set of glasses with a red light built into them, and a book he wants to read. Come dawn, peek out over the top of the blind and there's some deer. Proper prep prevents p-poor performance.

Re: while it's illegal to actually HUNT over bait

PostPosted: Mon, 10 Oct 2016 15:06:45
by Yarddawg
I would not attempt that here in VA.

It is unlawful to "Occupy any baited blind or other baited place for the purpose of taking or attempting to take any wild game bird or wild game animal or to put out bait or salt for the purpose of taking or killing any wild game bird or wild game animal, except for the purpose of trapping furbearing animals." ... ul-methods


Department regulation makes it illegal to place or distribute food, salt, or minerals to feed or attract deer or elk:

from September 1 through January 7 statewide.
year-round in Buchanan, Clarke, Dickenson, Frederick, Shenandoah, Warren, and Wise counties (including the cities and towns within).
in any city, town, or county during any deer or elk hunting season.
Nor, upon written notification by Department personnel, shall any person continue to place or distribute any food, salt, mineral or similar substances for any purpose if the placement of these materials results in the attraction of and/or feeding of deer. No part of this regulation shall be construed to restrict bonafide agronomic plantings (including wildlife food plots) or distribution of food to livestock.

Furthermore, all feed must be removed from any feeding site prior to September 1, and any area where feed has been distributed will be considered a “baited” area for 10 days following the complete removal of the food. The prohibitions listed above do not include the planting of agronomic crops or wildlife food plots. ... ul-feeding

Re: while it's illegal to actually HUNT over bait

PostPosted: Tue, 01 Nov 2016 09:27:22
by cvillechopper
Private lands don't tend to be enforced regularly but you don't want to find yourself as the exception.