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Gauging interest in hog hunting leases

PostPosted: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 18:45:39
by dmharvey
I'd like feedback on interest when it comes to a 'hunt club' for hog hunting on roughly 75 acres within 2 hours of Northern Virginia. Below is an overview of the general concepts:

- Around 75 acres of prime hog hunting property.
- Two elevated 6x8' stands on property with feeders and 200-400 yard shooting lanes. Possibly a couple of fixed stands for archery too.
- Good parking area roughly 200 yards from each stand, with trails to recover game.

- $X/yr membership fee that includes insurance.
- $X/day hunting fee per hunter. Family under 18 can accompany a hunter for free
- Hunting from stands only, two hunters or small parties (2 hunters / 3 people max) per day.
- Reservations on first come / first serve basis (1-3 days), made up to 1 month out and 1 pending reservation per hunter.
- One hog per hunter per day. Hunters must be legal, ethical, etc.
- Camping available on site for multi-day reservations.
- Hunting available every day from January 1st - September 30th
- All reservations, payments, etc handled online.

My questions are:

- What would you consider a fair annual fee, per hunter?
- What would you consider a fair daily fee, per hunter?
- How many total hunters would you feel is the max for this type of 'club'?
- Any other comments or suggestion will be appreciated

Just kicking this idea around since I seem to hear a lot of hunters looking for quality hog hunting opportunities and I may have the ability to make it happen, if the numbers make sense. Thanks in advance!