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Greetings from New York State

PostPosted: Fri, 10 Jan 2020 10:53:15
by Tractorman
Greetings my fellow gun owners and Americans

It appears the people of Virginia did not learn from the mistakes of the gun owners from NYS. NYS has 6 million gun owners and less than 3 million people voted in the last election. If the state had an electoral college we would have a Republican governor; looks like the same thing happened in Virginia. My advice to the people of Virginia....don't comply. Less than 4% of NYS population complied and most of the Sheriffs in NYS refuse to enforce the Safe Act. Everyone on this board should be promoting voting and teaching about jury nullification .

Our governor has pardoned convicted sex offenders (so they can vote); allowed illegals to obtain a drivers license (that's all that is required to vote in NYS), has eliminated the bail system in NYS (an example of this...accused rapists are written an appearance ticket), and has bullied the insurance companies to cut their ties with the NRA in NYS (watch this the lawsuits are coming back). The democrats from NYS are now talking about shutting down gun shows and gun raffle fund raisers (a big fund raiser for our local volunteer fire companies), banning semi-automatics altogether. The latest proposal in NYS is for people to have a background check (which is normal and nothing new), obtain a hunting license, get a drug test with results notarized by a doctor, mental health exam notarized by a doctor, take a live fire course (on top of the required hunting course), and qualify on a range with a 90% accuracy with a similar gun you are trying to purchase; BEFORE you can purchase/possess a firearm in NYS. You will start to notice a laws protecting the criminals with no deterrent against committing crimes while persecuting law abiding gun owners.

I wish all of the citizens and gun owners of Virginia the best of luck in your fight against tyranny. Stay organized and vigilant.


Re: Greetings from New York State

PostPosted: Fri, 10 Jan 2020 15:54:54
by Snakester
:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: Tractorman , you are right on with all your comments. VA really needs to learn from NY's mistakes......I just pray it's not too late.