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Posting articles and excerpts from other websites

PostPosted: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 21:55:47
by allingeneral
New DO's and DON'Ts for posting articles from other websites are as follows:

- DO Post a few sentences from the article, not generally to exceed the first two paragraphs
- DO Post a link to the entire article source
- DO Post a summary in your own words and your commentary to get discussion started

- Do NOT Post the entire article, even if you post the author and a link to give proper credit.
- Do NOT Assume that just because it's on the internet that it's "Free"

YOU are responsible for ensuring that you do not break copyright laws when posting here or to any online forum. The management here at VGOF will make every effort to ensure that posts remain within appropriate guidelines, but we cannot read every post, and we will not be held responsible for the postings of our members. That responsibility is yours, and any lawsuits that may arise will also be the responsibility of the offending poster. VGOF reserves the right to modify any and all user-submitted posts, at our sole discretion. Any author requests for VGOF to remove copyrighted materials will be addressed immediately with removal of said content.

Please use the "Report this post" button to report any posts that you believe should be adjusted by the administrator/moderators.

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