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Copper Fouling on Flash Hider: Bad?

PostPosted: Fri, 20 Nov 2015 20:28:15
by MarcSpaz
So, I shot mt SIG 716 about a month ago. I put about 500 rounds through it with a suppressor on it. I took the can off, but didn't bother cleaning the rifle. I typically only clean it every 1200 round or so... or if it start performing poorly.

I took it out of the safe today to toss some fresh lube on it to get it prepped for this weekend. I found the the flash hider was covered in blue/green oxidization. I am guessing its copper fouling from the copper jacket of the bullets.

I'm not concerned that it was there, per se... but more so, I am concerned about the affects on the barrel and flash hider. Does anyone have experience with metal working or this type of fouling that can tell me if this oxidization is harmful to the barrel or the flash hider?

I didn't see any damage to the finish of the flash hider and the barrel looks perfect now that its clean. I'm just concerned, if I put a rifle up and don't clean or use it for an extended period (say a year or more), will the copper fouling damage the barrel or the flash hider?


Re: Copper Fouling on Flash Hider: Bad?

PostPosted: Sat, 04 Jun 2016 15:58:33
by louisaguns
It's been a while since you started this. You don't say whether the rifle is accurate or not, but since there is no damage, I wouldn't be concerned about the bullets impacting anything. I assume you use some type of bore cleaner to remove copper fouling? It's likely there is fouling left in the bore with some residue from the bore cleaner. Since you go so long between cleanings, the fouling is being knocked loose and settling on the flash hider where it oxidizes.

The copper fouling won't damage the bore per se, but the fouling will build up and hurt accuracy.

I'd recommend a thorough bore cleaning, making sure to remove all fouling, and then cleaning your rifle more often.