ZOMBIE'S!! What if? What would you bring/set up to prepare??

Discuss survival and preparedness strategies. What will you do when the zombies come to get us?

Re: ZOMBIE'S!! What if? What would you bring/set up to prepare??

Postby Reca » Sat, 07 Apr 2012 09:35:56

A few things to think about..
Zombies lack intelligence therefore can easily be tricked.
Most are missing limbs & wouldn't be able climb or jump for that matter
They are easily persueded by sound, light, and movement
That all being said I would find somewhere high to station myself. I would like there to be some sort of obsticle that the average human can figure out but someone brain dead would not. A good example would be signs that say go left but watch out for the for the arrow pointing to the trip wire or something along those lines (can use pictures instead) You can even throw in a maze of some sort for them to get lost in while your sitting up high with your suppressed Rifle taking off heads.
As far as what I would bring with me.. I have a SHTF Bag that I would grab that holds things of importance but skipping all that stuff clearly fire power is the most important. There is no surviving with out it & I cant protect the ones I love if ive been zombified.
I invite everyone to come to the range with me. It's as simple as letting me know what day you want to meet up.

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