Some people!

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Re: Some people!

Postby kanata67 » Wed, 02 Mar 2011 23:57:06

I can see carrying two as I often do when messing around. One's a waltherp22 mind you. Plinking with the 22lr and something bigger pops up it's easier to shoot that lefty while pulling the heavier out with my right. Not that my left aim is great but heads will stay down long enough... to get my shot gun to get my rifle to get my ar to... damn, who stole mt tank? :wave:
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Re: Some people!

Postby seeknulfind » Tue, 21 Jun 2011 20:18:57

Just a thought here, cool as it looks, shooting dual guns would seem to eat up ammo 2x faster. Me? I rather try to stay cool and be sure to hit where I'm aiming. It would be enough for me to handle one firearm. I've never been in a firefight and hope to God I never am. I'd be happy to get through it in one piece.


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