Food Sealer

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Food Sealer

Postby Reverenddel » Wed, 02 Nov 2011 12:45:45

Mom picked one up at a yard sale, seems to be a pretty middle of the road one, but I have the bags, and the time this weekend to fiddle with it.

Any hints? Suggestions? Ideas?

Never used one before, but I figure with my camping, I could just pick up the Number 10 cans (or use the ones I have), and make my own camp meals with it.

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Re: Food Sealer

Postby Jakeiscrazy » Wed, 02 Nov 2011 14:56:26

I have one(I assume your talking about a vacuum sealer). Here is couple tips in relation to long term storage use.

1. Double Seal. Depending on your sealer it may even have a mode to just heat seal without the vacuum.
2. Add the little Oxygen Absorbers they will help really suck the stuff down. Make sure you only get them in the amount you plan to use. After they are opened they start to go bad until they are resealed.
3. Of course make sure that the item is not going to be crushed by the sealer.

Alright I'm sure I'm forgetting something that I'll remember.
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