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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby FatAndy » Fri, 13 Jul 2012 09:37:02

CDRGlock wrote:One thing to consider is an 8round 22LR revolver. Smith and Wesson and Taurus make one.

There's always a Ruger SP101 or LCR in 22, also.

+1 for the LCR .22, especially if there may be a goal to use it for defensive carry. I have the LCR .22, and it is a total pleasure to shoot. Also, since it requires more effort to reload than my Mark III, I tend to focus more on each of my shots, making it a better training tool IMHO.

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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby Riposite » Fri, 13 Jul 2012 09:53:57

I bought a sig Mosquito not too long ago. Its not unreliable so much as finicky. In the handbook they specifically call out CCI Mini-Mags and it cycles them just fine (also CCI stingers); it's just some of the lower pressure bulk ammo that is when I occasionally get a Failure to Feed. So as far as ammo goes, if you want it to run smooth, it will be a bit more expensive than other .22s. It does have a great smooth trigger and the great sig ergonomic grip, and if your wife ever intends to move on to a larger caliber it's a good one , since it is closer in size and shape to some of the larger handguns.

That said I had a chance to shoot someone else's SR-22 the other night and that seems a great little gun too. Just as accurate as the sig it seems. My only real complaints are it's grip is small in my hand and that may not be an issue for everyone. The trigger is also not as nice. It does though supposedly run bulk ammo just fine. From what I can tell both seem to be priced the same so you probably need to go to a store and have your wife see which one feels better in her hand.

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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby GeneFrenkle » Fri, 13 Jul 2012 18:23:46

I like my sig 1911. Easy to carry while I work on my farm. Reasonable precision for varmints and fun. Hasn't failed on me (7-800 rounds?, by far mostly plinking) and I use Wally world bulk federal exclusively.

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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby Blueline » Sat, 01 Sep 2012 16:20:59

I have a SIG Mosquito. They are extremely picky on what ammo they like and the sights are cheap. I would not recommend. And that is coming from a guy who loves his SIGS.

My favorite of the .22 pistols that I have is the Smith & Wesson 617 revolver. It is a K frame, 10 round cylinder, revolver and accurate as hell. It is just a super fun gun to shoot.


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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby duffster » Thu, 07 Nov 2013 20:57:33

I love my Browning Buckmark, I think that it is a classic and a toss up between the Mark III and the buckmark, I like these because there is an aftermarket speedloader that helps you load magazines in seconds, after loading .22LR ammo all day I had to get the speed loader.

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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby Snakester » Thu, 07 Nov 2013 22:00:09

I have to agree with Gene. We have 2 Sig 1911's . My wife has been shooting about 300 to 400 rds. on weekends and says it has to be the most comfortable pistol she has ever shot !

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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby CDRGlock » Tue, 28 Jan 2014 00:49:32

I just picked this one up.

Taurus Tracker 922 22 LR /22 WMR.


It takes about 10 secs to change the cylinder without a tool.

I did replace the factory grips.

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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby Mindflayer » Wed, 29 Jan 2014 01:15:39

We bought a Ruger Mark III Hunter. Wooooweeee. Fun fun fun.

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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby TScottW99 » Wed, 29 Jan 2014 02:26:14

I bought a 22/45 & my wife hated it until she shot it. Now she loves it! They make a 22/45 lite that is much lighter but just as fun to shoot.
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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby dmharvey » Wed, 29 Jan 2014 21:52:26

I really like my stainless Ruger MKIII Target


It looks like they're currently selling for roughly $550.00 with shipping and FFL fees:
http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt ... =390430648

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Re: .22 Pistol Recommendations

Postby mparker » Tue, 28 Oct 2014 14:02:38

These are guns I own or have shot and know enough about to give you an opinion. They merit consideration IMO.

Under $600
1 - Volquartsen LLV upper on your Ruger Mark II/III lower - my choice in this group, kind of a homemade Scorpion
2 - Oregon Precision Arms Marksman II on your Ruger Mark II/III lower - a game changer and a masterpiece of craftsmanship
3 - Nelson Custom 1911 22 conversion kit on your 1911 lower - easily the best in its class
4 - Marvel Unit 1 1911 22 conversion kit on your 1911 lower - longtime standard for 1911 fans
5 - Sig/Hammerli Trailside (used) - better than you think
6 - Ruger Mark III or 22/45 (any) - great value but needs TLC out of the box
7 - Buckmark (any) (accurate, reliable, no outstanding features IMO
8 - GSG/Sig Sauer 1911-22 - not a target pistol but third party support makes it a player for general use and potentially on the short line
9 - S&W 22a/22s - a general purpose shooter trying to be a target pistol

Under $1200 (all superb shooters and tough to rank fairly)
1 - Volquartsen Custom Scorpion (my favorite of this group) - VC does Ruger better than Ruger does Ruger
2 - Nelson Custom 1911 22 conversion kit on a custom 1911 lower - WOW!
3 - High Standard Victor - best of the High Standards except for the Victor 10-X
4 - S&W Model 41 - mine are not quite as good as my best Victor but this was a world class target gun for a long time
5 - Hammerli 280 - now available as the AP-20 it made its bones in rapid fire but is very good as a bullseye gun
6 - Benelli MP-90 or MP-95 - best value in an international style pistol
7 - Marvel Unit 1 1911 22 conversion kit on a custom 1911 lower - a standard for many years
8 - Volquartsen Deluxe - simple, available in various barrel lengths, and very very good
9 - High Standard Citation - solid and dependable
10 - High Standard Trophy - top line pistol but not quite up to the Victor IMO
Note: Hammerli 208 (if you're patient), Pardini SP (older used)

Under $1800 (capable of world class scores and not ranked)
Pardini SP (used)
Volquartsen Custom (Scorpion, V-Magic II, Deluxe, Masters)
Oregon Precision Arms Marksman II on Volquartsen lower
Nelson Custom 1911 22 conversion kit on a custom 1911 lower
Marvel Unit 1 1911 22 conversion kit on a custom 1911 lower
Hammerli 208/208s (used) (my favorite of this group)
Hammerli 215 (used)
Hammerli 211/211s (used)

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