Chiappa .22 AR upper

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Chiappa .22 AR upper

Postby jrswanson1 » Tue, 19 Feb 2013 13:39:37

I hit Sharpshooters in Lorton Friday on the way home. They had a Chiappa .22 Rimfire complete upper there for $350. I asked about it, they took 20 minutes to find the box. Which is great for me, since I bought it. The box included two 28 round mags and a cleaning brush. It had been there for a while since no one could find the box and mags are difficult to find. It took a few dozen action cycles but it's working properly now. Apparently, these uppers prefer the hot CCI stuff to function properly, but even with the Winchester bulk stuff, it shot fine, just not reliably. The front sight was canted so I had to adjust the rear sight. Once the panic subsides, I will be getting another pistol caliber upper and another lower.

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Re: Chiappa .22 AR upper

Postby 2k05gt » Thu, 16 Jan 2014 00:47:29

I purchased one a few months ago, it dropped right on to my AR 15 Lower, the Mags fit well and feed nice with no jams.
it was not very accurate then I noticed that the barrel was loose so I took it home and broke it down to see what was the issue.

Not alot to it.


then I noticed this ....

Well I contacted the Company and they are closed for two weeks while they move to a bigger facility, so I hope they send a new one because the
Quality control is lacking a bit..

Sending out uppers with loose barrels and cracked receivers.. Wow can anyone say Law suite....

I plan I getting a stripped aluminum upper with No Forward assist and replacing the Poly (crap) !! one..
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