Break-in Procedure for new Firearm

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Break-in Procedure for new Firearm

Postby lturn9 » Fri, 20 Dec 2019 16:03:00

This question probably has as many answers as we have members! When I bought my last new rifle (a 223 Ruger) I asked my range buddies about break-in procedures and the most popular was to fire 2 or 3 rounds, run some patches through the barrel and then fire 2 or 3 rounds, clean again, and repeat this routine 5-10 times before declaring it broken in and firing normally. Some members continue to fire a few rounds, clean, repeat the whole time they are on the firing line.

I was curious what methods some VGOA members use?


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Re: Break-in Procedure for new Firearm

Postby kelu » Fri, 20 Dec 2019 18:24:29

You can do it in 2 ways:


Last time I used the second one. Did it help? I have no idea, but I thought it makes sense.
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Re: Break-in Procedure for new Firearm

Postby jdonovan » Fri, 20 Dec 2019 19:01:43

Why if a break in procedure was needed was it not included in your owners manual? Or almost any owners manual.

why was the procedure given to you by your range buddies so arbitrary (repeat 5-10 times)? Why did you not get some way to measure what you were doing so you knew when you were done, done enough, or did it right?

Lets go to a premium barrel maker and see what they say.

but if you don't have a premium barrel, that was hand lapped, then some of this may not apply.

note normal cleaning products don't remove copper, so if you want to do what krieger recommends, you'll need copper solvents, and enough time to let the solvents do their job. After reading their process it could be 4-6 hours to do that break in, and all the copper removal. For a premium rifle it might be worth it.

I've got some .308 barrels that got no break in procedures, and I've shot 5 shot groups at .23 MOA, one 4 shot group of 0.11 MOA, and plenty more under 0.5, so thats good enough for my needs. :clap:

if your 223 rilfe is a ar-15 and you plan to feed it a steady diet of tula/wolf, or some other low quality ammo, then don't spend your time with break in and just hit the range, and enjoy those 7MOA groups. :hysterical:

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Re: Break-in Procedure for new Firearm

Postby MarcSpaz » Sat, 21 Dec 2019 01:49:15

LOL... JD is pretty optimistic with 7 MOA in a combat quality rifle and Tula. My mil-spec rifle shoots about 1.5 MOA and I can bang a 6" target at 300 yards all day... but I was gifted a box of Tula and couldn't hit an 18" target at 200 yards.... like, not at all. Statistically, I would have thought I would hit it at least once by mistake.

Anyway. I have a rifle that I do 1,000+ yards with. I did not follow the manufactures break-in process and I am paying for it after about 300 rounds. My velocities are way off (down) compared to when I first bought the rifle and I really should buy a new barrel for it.

My recommendation is, if you care about accuracy and have a weapon and ammo capable of being accurate, find out what the proper break-in is for your weapon/barrel based on the manufactures specs and do your best to follow them.

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Re: Break-in Procedure for new Firearm

Postby M1A4ME » Sat, 21 Dec 2019 08:18:14

The next time I go to the range I'll have my latest AR15 build in .223 Remington.

It has a new Ballistic Advantange stainless steel barrel on it.

I'll shoot three rounds of the 55 grain FMJ Hornady reloads. Check the group. Check the brass for pressure signs (shouldn't be, but funny things happen).

Then I'll make a scope adjustment (I sight in at 25 yds.) and shoot 3 more rounds. Check the group. Check the brass for pressure signs.

Then I'll make a scope adjustment and shoot 3 more rounds. I do that till I'm happy with where the group is vs. point of aim.

I might not shoot more than 15 or 20 rounds. I might shoot a couple 5 round groups, or a couple 10 round groups (don't do that very often).

I almost never shoot more than 40 or 50 rounds through one gun. I usually take another rifle, sometimes two and shoot them as well and get an idea of how the new one shoots vs. the "tried and true" rifles (or pistols).

Then I'll come home, clean it that same day, look it over, put it back together/lube it and then put it away till next time.

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Re: Break-in Procedure for new Firearm

Postby Nrah » Wed, 25 Dec 2019 01:21:54

I like to run some heavy oil thru the barrel, and let it sit, overnight, after a thorough cleaning, while the barrel is new, before firing.
This gets any goobers, metal shavings, or preservatives from the factory out of the barrel, and lays in a coating of oil between the barrel and soot, before first firing. First day out, run a swab of oil on the new barrel every couple shots. Then clean normally,
at the end of the shoot, in the evening.

Then it's good to go.

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