Kavanaugh Update.

Kavanaugh Update.

Postby mmckee1952 » Tue, 18 Sep 2018 22:40:01

Just today sen. Feinstein in an interview stated that she couldn’t confirm that kavanaugh’s accuser was telling the truth. Now just remember, feinstein was the one who started this whole bucket of worms and hid the letter from this woman since july and just last week after the confirmation hearings were completed, chose to release the letter from that woman.
Both parties have been given a chance to appear under oath next monday at a hearing and kavanaugh has said that he would appear to give under oath his testimony any time they wish, but just tonight after her lawyers have said she will also appear next monday, they have changed the rules and said that their client won’t appear until the fbi conducts an investigation before she’ll appear to testify.
We all know what this is all about, to delay his swearing in to the supreme court and trying to require the FBI (which they have said they won’t do any investigation) and delay him until after the mid-term elections, with the hope that the democrats regain control of the house and then, officially put a stop to everything that president trump what’s to accomplish for our county’s well-being.
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Re: Kavanaugh Update.

Postby dusterdude » Wed, 19 Sep 2018 06:09:10

And it looks like the sissy assed republicans are going to let them do it

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Re: Kavanaugh Update.

Postby wittmeba » Thu, 20 Sep 2018 13:04:36

This link/statement will not matter. Regardless of what Brett Kavanaugh does at this point he will live tainted.

https://www.breitbart.com/video/2018/09 ... -his-skin/

What I think "really" happened -- just my personal opinion:

Christine Blasey Ford
Brett Kavanaugh

Those named were partying like any other teens. Although most if not all were underage there was alcohol provided.

Christine and Brett moved to the bedroom to engage in a little heavy kissing. The scene got a little heavy and perhaps Brett got a little aggressive and attempted to take it to the next level petting. Christine objected. Brett "may" have resisted which is when it "may" have appeared to be more forceable and Christine called it attempted rape.

Christine may have felt a bit overwhelmed when the second man entered the room which caused her to run to the bathroom and lock herself in. After a little more thinking she likely went to the bathroom as most ladies do to "put themselves back together" -- fixing their hair, adjusting their clothes, etc.

Brett indicated he did not recall the event ever happening. This may be a defensive statement to avoid further questioning. Maybe he really doesn't recall as described.

What was her intent to advance to the bedroom in the first place? There was no indication of force getting there.

There is NO "meToo" in this experience. This is an afterthought due to the collective support from others that claim "meToo" regarding real attempted rape and inappropriate actions. Even some of them seem stretched.

The problem will be establishing a "level of truth" in each players statements -- which there will never be conclusive to any value. It is a stall tactic of the libs.

My conclusion is there was no attempted rape. I am not a believer that if a man and woman kissing and testing how far it might go to be attempted rape. Just normal experimental trials by teens.

My opinion is this event is being pushed more by the Dems than Christine. Someone has provided encouragement to Christine to keep it moving to prevent Brett from his nomination. This style is seen too much by the libs.
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