Former Miss Iraq rips Ilhan Omar

Former Miss Iraq rips Ilhan Omar

Postby Ironbear » Thu, 15 Aug 2019 08:08:45

Sarai Idan (Miss Iraq/Miss Universe 2017) goes after Omar

Almost worth getting a Twitter account to follow her. Should be entertaining!

That photo of her (Miss Iraq) with Miss Israel alone, could probably be used as kind of a political Rorschach test.... :hysterical:
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Re: Former Miss Iraq rips Ilhan Omar

Postby SHMIV » Thu, 15 Aug 2019 11:26:41

Heh. I hope that girl keeps talking.

But... I'm not becoming a Twit, just to see what she says next. I've considered a Twitter account, so I can follow Trump, or James Woods, and a couple of other amusing Twit-Posters. But, no. I know me, and I refuse to let myself be sucked into that vast cess pit of despair. Besides, I'd just misgender some dude in a dress, probably deadname him, and be kicked off, before my 1st week was up, anyway.

That photo... I know some heads exploded when that became public, lol. And, it's certainly refreshing to find a refugee that appreciates what the US has done for her, and is willing to speak against those who encourage the importation of that which she fled.

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