9/16 - Women's Only Defensive Handgun SVDFI

Danville, Clarksville, Emporia, Chase City
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9/16 - Women's Only Defensive Handgun SVDFI

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9/16 - Women's Only Defensive Handgun
Mecklenburg County
Nelson, VA 24580

Defensive Handgun: Ladies Only
This course provides women with the skills to protect themselves and their families. You learn firearm safety, marksmanship, gun handling and the elements of mental conditioning and mindset. You receive specialized instructors and special attention to problems or specific concerns. You will receive the opportunity to practice your skill at arms in a variety of situations. Having completed your Ladies Only course you will feel more confident and a loss of fear of the unknown and firearms. You will be ready to test your skills in the regular Defensive Handgun course and take on advanced defensive problems.

Cost: 1 day $150; 2 day $300, Duration: 1 or 2 day Optional 3rd day $400; Maximum class size: 6 persons; Minimum Caliber Restrictions: .380

Please consider a DONATION to VGOF to help cover our operating costs

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