8/15 - Defensive Shotgun SVDFI

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8/15 - Defensive Shotgun SVDFI

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8/15 - Defensive Shotgun
Mecklenburg County
Nelson, VA 24580


Often thought to be the least-understood of any of the weapons systems available the shotgun can act in many capacities. It can act as a breeching device, gas delivery system and a highly effective defensive weapon. The shotgun demands a special set of manipulation skills and intense thoughts of ammunition management.

Defensive Shotgun:
This course will offer you marksmanship and manipulation to become proficient with the shotgun. Ammunition selection, continuity of fire, malfunction clearances and transitions to the handgun will be addressed in this course. You will be taught to engage targets with the shotgun from 5 to 50 yards with extreme effectiveness. If you intend to defend your family and your home with a shotgun this block of instruction will give you the skills required.

Cost: 1 day $150; 2 day $300;
Maximum class size: 6
Ammunition Requirement: 1 day (25 rounds 00 Buck, 2 rounds #4 Buck, 25 rounds slug, and 250 rounds of bird shot. 2 day 25 rounds #4 Buck, 50 rounds slug and 500 rounds of bird shot.
Type of Firearms required:
Minimum Caliber Restrictions: 20 guage;
Pump Action or Automatic defensive type shotguns with barrel length between 18 and 22 inches preferred.

Please consider a DONATION to VGOF to help cover our operating costs

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