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Sterling Arsenal's new discount online store

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Sterling Arsenal is pleased to introduce our new Discount Online Firearms and Accessories E-Commerce Partner -- -- This new offering enables customers from all over the country to purchase firearms, including silencers, as well as optics and accessories, at discounted prices -- comparable to or better than Buds Gunshop, Silencer Shop, etc..
Customers can choose to drop ship accessories and optics (non-firearms) directly to their homes.
Firearms and silencers can be shipped for local In-Store Pick-Up (at Sterling Arsenal) at our new low Preferred Dealer Transfer Rates (starting at $20) or to their local FFL Dealers anywhere in the country -- including Silencers!
This new partnership allows Sterling Arsenal to focus on our own core SAR production line-up of quality rifles and shotguns; the continued expansion of SAR-Custom Shop and our Critical Koting franchise; and continue to showcase our in-shop Armory Inventory of our other favorite brands
Check out the today.
Sterling Arsenal Works & Tactical Supply, LLC
Precision & purpose built firearms for tactical, competition, & defense.
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