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Please read: For sale posts are not for discussions

Post by OakRidgeStars »

Honestly people, do we need to go through this again? Posts made by members in The Marketplace are NOT discussion threads. If you think a seller's prices are too high/low/??, you do have a few options:

1. Don't buy the item for sale. This is the preferred action since it requires none of my time to moderate a virtual sparring match between a seller and someone who has nothing better to do than spam-up a for sale ad.

2. If you feel that God put you on this earth to be the Price Police, contact the seller via a PM (Private Message). Then you can discuss which Wal-Mart parking lot you can both meet at to discuss further. Please make sure this happens within range of a security camera so we can all watch it on Youtube one day.

3. Create a new discussion thread in the appropriate forum to discuss if a Hi-Point is really worth as much as a custom Kimber 1911, or something. And, no, you can't bash a seller here. But you can discuss the firearms involved and state your case as best you can. Agreed?

As always, thanks for your support of this forum. I now return you to your regular life, already in progress.

Your helpful Moderator staff.

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