ACTION ITEM: Isle of Wight range, turnout needed on July 21!

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ACTION ITEM: Isle of Wight range, turnout needed on July 21!

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VA-ALERT: ACTION ITEM: Isle of Wight range, turnout needed on July 21!

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On Thursday, July 21, the Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors (BoS) will consider approving a new public shooting range. There is resistance to the range (more on that further below), **so we will need a good turnout** at the BoS meeting to show support, especially if you live in the area.


Robert C. Claud Sr Board Room (2nd Floor) Isle of Wight County Courthouse Complex (in Old Courthouse - carry OK - see "Important Note," below)
17000 Josiah Parker Circle
Isle of Wight, VA 23397

Time: 6 PM

IMPORTANT NOTE: While it is called the Old Courthouse building, it actually houses the County s Executive Branch, including the Board of Supervisor s meeting room. So, carry IS allowed. Thanks for the prompt and courteous return call of Lt. James Pope with the Isle of Wight Sheriff s Department, who confirmed the status of the building.

If you plan on speaking, there will be a signup sheet in the meeting room. If you don t plan on speaking, please show up anyway and stand with us.

We will be handing out GSL stickers, please pick one up. Also let me know that you are there, speaking or not, so I have a good headcount.


If you haven t already done so, send an email to the Board of Supervisors in support of the range.

Email addresses (just copy and paste the entire list into your email program):,,,,

Suggested subject: Please APPROVE the American K9 Interdiction s public shooting range!

Suggested message:

Dear Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors member,

Shooting ranges are important to gun owners in the Isle of Wight and in the Commonwealth generally, as most people cannot legally shoot on their own property. Public shooting ranges provide a safe way to practice with a firearm.

I urge you to SUPPORT the proposed American K9 Interdiction's public shooting range at the Board of Supervisors hearing on July 21!



There are a few VCDL members who live near the range and who are against the range based on potential noise issues, including the person who is heading up the opposition to the range. (Interestingly, the new range is next door to an existing police shooting range, which can produce a high volume of fire, but that range seems to be accepted by the opponents of the new range.)

In order to see for ourselves and report to the VCDL Board of Directors, Dennis O Connor and I made the four-hour round trip down to the range to meet with the range s corporate officers and to meet with the VCDL members who object to the range. While not normally VCDL s role, my hope was to help mediate a compromise between the range and the opposition if necessary. In the end, the opposition wasn t interested in any compromises, other than requiring it to be an indoor range.

The range was doing some dog training that day, so I had Dennis stay at the range while I drove to the opposition leader s house to hear how loud the shots would be from the range using a .22 LR handgun, a 9mm handgun, and a 5.56mm carbine. The results at that particular location were underwhelming, as I couldn t hear any of the shots. We decided to try again. This time I left my cell phone connected so I could hear when the shots were actually fired and then listen carefully for them. I could not hear the .22 or 9mm at all, but did very faintly hear the 5.56mm.

Sound is, of course, a funny thing where a person near a range might barely hear the shots, while someone further away might hear them fairly well.

The VCDL Board, after careful consideration, decided to support the range as the Board felt access to shooting ranges is important to Virginia s gun owners.

Finally, I will note that at the original Planning Commission meeting for the range, some of the opposition created a very intimidating atmosphere, which was poorly controlled by the Commission. The Sheriff s Department assured me that they will have the Board of Supervisors room well covered. Hopefully there will not be any repeat of what happened at the Planning Commission.

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