VA-ALERT: Use caution on carrying in Georgia, New Hampshire

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VA-ALERT: Use caution on carrying in Georgia, New Hampshire

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VA-ALERT: Use caution on carrying in Georgia, New Hampshire web site not updated yet

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CAUTION: Georgia is still not listing Virginia CHPs as being honored on their state web site. And the Virginia State Police (VSP) web site is not showing that Georgia recognizes Virginia CHPs either.

I called my contact at the VSP about Georgia. He said the VSP got an email from the Georgia Attorney General s office saying that since Virginia doesn t allow those in the military who are over 18 and under 21 to carry concealed, Virginia doesn t qualify for reciprocity.

That s clearly baloney, as even a cursory look at some of the states Georgia DOES honor shows that many don t allow anyone under 21 to carry concealed (Louisiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, for example).

I contacted my counterpart in Georgia Carry, Jerry Henry, and he is actively working this for us. He said Georgia originally did the same thing to South Carolina, but the issue was corrected.

I have also been in touch with Gary Slider of He is working the issue from other angles.

I will advise once we have a resolution, but for now use caution in Georgia unless you have a Utah or Florida non-resident permit.


VSP has a written reciprocity agreement with New Hampshire, but their web site does not reflect that relationship yet. I have a call into the NH State Police to see when they are going to update their web site. I will advise.

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