URGENT ACTION ITEM: Charlottesville resolutions heard tonigh

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URGENT ACTION ITEM: Charlottesville resolutions heard tonigh

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VA-ALERT: URGENT ACTION ITEM: Charlottesville resolutions heard tonight!

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Tonight Charlottesville City Council is going to hear a gun-control resolution that was added at the last minute to the agenda!

"5. RESOLUTION* Calling for Statewide and National Gun Control Legislation and Local Control Over Gun Regulations (1st of 1 reading) 20 mins

So they not only want federal and state gun control added to the books, but they also want to get rid of preemption so they can be as tyrannical as they wish!

If you can turnout tonight to speak against the resolution, please do so.


We need to flood City Council with emails opposing the resolution:

Email: council@charlottesville.org

Suggested subject line: Please OPPOSE the entire resolution on gun control

Suggested message:

Charlottesville City Council Members:

I urge you to OPPOSE the resolution calling for "Statewide and National Gun Control Legislation and Local Control Over Gun Regulations on the agenda for tonight.

Gun control does NOT make America safer. The massacre in Orlando was in a gun-free zone. Without anyone inside the club able to shoot back at the terrorist, he had THREE HOURS to do as he pleased, and a lot of defenseless people were slaughtered accordingly.

The gun-control capitols of the U.S., Chicago and Washington DC, are also the most dangerous. Both cities have universal background checks and gun registration, the kind of things the resolution is calling for.

The good people of Charlottesville have a right to be able to protect themselves during a terror attack or other such emergency. Government should stand behind that right, not interfere with it. There is no doubt as to what side Thomas Jefferson would stand on.



The hearing on the resolution is item #5 on the agenda. They will be voting on it tonight. We need to pack the room and speak against the resolution.

The meeting starts at 7 PM in the City Council Chambers, located at:

605 East Main Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Unfortunately, due to a conflict, I won t be able to be there. If someone attending could report back to me (president@vcdl.org) what happened, I d appreciate it. If you can report how each City Council member voted, that would be a bonus. Any Executive members attending: be sure to bring a roll of Guns Save Lives stickers for distribution.

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