VA-ALERT: VCDL Update 5/21/16

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VA-ALERT: VCDL Update 5/21/16

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VA-ALERT: VCDL Update 5/21/16
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1. ACTION ITEM: Fairfax City to consider ordinance to ban gun sales/repairs from homes, MONDAY 7 PM!
2. VCDL to have table at Big Boyz Guns Customer Appreciation Day
3. Winner of VCDL drawing on 5/14/16
4. Armed citizens find Tennessee girl, end manhunt
5. VCDL lobby day 2016 report with pictures and video
6. Do you know where you can legally carry your gun? [VIDEO]
7. Obama fails to sway public on gun control
8. Obama wants 'billions for gun control' in 2017 budget
9. Intel community foresees worst year ever for Jihadi terror against U.S.
10. Lott: Even liberal academics are turning pro-gun ownership
11. Five things every reasonable gun owner ought to know
12. [ME] A gun in the hand beats a cop on the phone
13. [PA] Concealed permit holder saves officer surrounded by mob
14. [OK] Okay schools allow staff to arm 15. German gun ownership skyrockets in response to migrant crisis

1. ACTION ITEM: Fairfax City to consider ordinance to ban gun sales/repairs from homes, MONDAY 7 PM!

We need to show up in Fairfax City on Monday, May 23, to oppose a new zoning regulation that would prohibit gun sales or gun repairs from a home.

Time: 7:00 PM


Fairfax City Planning Commission
City Council Chambers
10455 Armstrong Street, Room 100
Fairfax City, VA

This is a HEARING, so we will be allowed to speak.

They are clumping in gun sales and repairs with such things as:

Animal care facilities
Funeral Homes
Bulk storage of flammable liquids
Medical or dental laboratory
Vehicle service/repair
Plant nurseries and greenhouses

Look for someone handing out GSL stickers. Carry is legal in local government buildings.

2. VCDL to have table at Big Boyz Guns Customer Appreciation Day

On May 28, VCDL will have a tent at the Big Boyz Guns Third Anniversary & Customer Appreciation Day Cookout. Big Boyz Guns is one of VCDL's strongest supporters! Come by and say hello!


4568 Blue Ridge Blvd (460 Hiway, just East of the Blue Ridge Parkway) Blue Ridge, VA 24064

Date/Time: Saturday, May 28, from 12 Noon until 3 PM.

A "TAG SALE" plus a 10% discount on all other items will be featured.

Contact to assist!

3. Winner of VCDL drawing on 5/14/16

VCDL had a drawing at the RRRC/VCDL Shoot on May 14 for an Executive Pistol chambered in .223/5.56 caliber, five 30-round magazines, an executive briefcase, and 1000 rounds of .223 AMMO, a package valued at approximately $1,500.00! The pistol package was donated by BIG BOYZ GUNS; 4568 Blue Ridge Blvd (Highway 460), Blue Ridge, VA. Phone: 540-650-2520.

The winner was Richard Carroll from Concord, Virginia, who bought his ticket at a Roanoke-area gun show. Congratulations, Richard!

4. Armed citizens find Tennessee girl, end manhunt
************************************************** ... nd-manhunt



While hundreds of fearful Federal Way residents gathered last night to vent about three fatal shootings in their quiet community over a two-day span this week, authorities in Tennessee were calling two armed citizens heroes for holding a suspected abductor at gunpoint and rescuing the 9-year-old niece he allegedly took from school last week.


5. VCDL lobby day 2016 report with pictures and video

Thanks to member Walid Boonprasit for sharing this: ... 16-report/

VCDL Lobby Day 2016 Report
by Walid B
January 23, 2016

Governor Terry McAuliffe and his Attorney General Mark Herring kicked the hornet s nest. After denying 25 states (6 million people) permit holders and restricting firearms in state buildings. On January the 18th , we had over 1200 freedom, Second Amendment supporters showing up despite the frigid temperatures. This huge turn out send a strong message to Virginia law makers.

A lot of folks met with their delegates, senators and house of representatives. Private groups and VCDL teams covered every legislator s office and many legislators saw three or even four teams come by! Handing out printed papers with the bills we support and ones we opposed. Each bill has comments elaborating them and reader-friendly.

The general assembly building was pack almost every floor with people wearing guns save lives stickers. The anti-gunners were outnumbered big time. ??

We had one Senator Dave Marsden with his silly banner saying Welcome gun lobby day lobbyday16-8members. I know you mean well. But, if it isn t to much trouble, please stop trying to save our lives Too many people are getting killed in the effort

Doesn t he know criminals are the trouble ones? Many people open carrying posted and took pictures in front of his banner. And by the way, over a thousand loaded guns were carried in to the general assembly and not a sing shot fired. It was probably the safest place to be in Virginia at the time. No one started shooting anyone over disputes, arguments or such. The progressive left always say angry gun owners, and someone is going to get shot, woo We can t have to many guns! OMG!

At 11am was the rally at the bell tower. The crowd was huge, and here is the list of speakers:

- Senator Bryce Reeves spoke on his bill, SB 610, to honor CHPs from all states
- VCDL EM Bob Marcellus who was edged out in his run for the Powhatan Board of Supervisors talked about his idea for free concealed handgun permits
- Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Corey Stuart, spoke on actions he is taking to implement Bob s idea for free concealed handgun permits in his county
- Brendan Mooney spoke about how the importance of being armed came to the forefront when he was in the middle of a public mass shooting in a Seattle, Washington mall in 2008
- Delegate Rob Bell spoke on his candidacy to replace Mark Herring as the next Attorney General
- Shak Hill spoke about the Ted Cruz campaign
- VCDL EM John Wilburn spoke about how to expand VCDL s membership by reaching out to some new groups of people
- Delegate Scott Taylor spoke about his three pro-gun bills
- Ms. Shaneen Allen spoke of being prosecuted in New Jersey after dutifully telling an officer she had a permit from Pennsylvania and was carrying. They locked her up for 40 days, while releasing actual criminals after a few hours. Her web sites: and
- Congressman Dave Bratt spoke about the Second Amendment and his upcoming election
- VCDL president Philip Van Cleave spoke on the racist origins of gun control from the Democratic party

The audio recording of Shaneen Allen, it s worth your time.

Showing up for Lobby Day helps a lot and the result speaks out!

If you care about your civil rights. I recommend all Virginia gun owners to show up next year again. It does make a difference. Take off work and mark your calendar. Monday January 16 2017.

Thanks to all the patriot pro 2nd Amendment legislators (including Senator Dick Black of 13th district and Robert Marshall) for your support on the pro gun bills and voting for them. I ask for the other side to learn the truth and wake up, stop supporting those elite who hand you money. You work for the people!

6. Do you know where you can legally carry your gun? [VIDEO]

Thanks to member Walter Jackson for sharing this:

or ... -rights-2/

Do you know where you can legally carry your gun?
by Margaret Kavanagh
February 9, 2016

Hampton Roads, Va. - More people are packing heat, according to Virginia State Police. But do they know where they are allowed to carry their guns?
A NewsChannel 3 investigation looks into your gun and your rights.

The demand for concealed handgun permits is high in Virginia, according to State Police. Experts say people are worried their gun rights will be taken away so they're taking action now.

More and more people like 21-year-old Emory Stewart are signing up for concealed carry classes.

As of January 27, 2016, the total number of active concealed handgun permits issued by Virginia Circuit Courts = 420,961

I try to go to the range 3 to 4 times a week, said Stewart.

But some people are confused on where you can and can't have your gun.

Steve Dowdy, the co-owner at Bob's Gun Shop in Norfolk, said over the last three months they have seen a dramatic increase in people enrolling in classes.

Tom and Maureen Johnson recently signed up for a class.

I was shocked at how full it was, Tom said.

NewsChannel 3 s Margaret Kavanagh attended one of the classes. It lasts three hours and they go over safety, laws, and allow people to use the shooting range at the end of the class.

Dowdy said they see both men and women of all different races and ages.

Isle of Wight Sheriff`s Office Captain Joseph Willard will review your background check if you apply for a concealed handgun permit in Isle of Wight County.

He said more and more applications are landing on his desk.

Normally, we do 50 a month, right now we're ranging between 80 and 100, said Willard. They're scared that there will be some action that will limit them from being able to get the guns.

NewsChannel 3 reached out to Virginia State Police about the issue of gun laws.

They referred NewsChannel 3 to Code of Virginia Sections 18.2-279 to 18.2-311.2.

In the last few months, Virginia State laws were altered. First, in October, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe announced no guns allowed in state buildings and tightened gun regulations in part by creating a task force.

The actions directed in this executive order will help our Commonwealth better enforce Virginia laws designed to keep guns away from people who would use them for harm, said Governor McAuliffe. The task force I have convened will take tangible steps to bring more successful prosecutions of gun crimes, and the other steps outlined in the order will aid in our efforts to keep families safe from gun violence. We must continue to work to overcome political resistance to commonsense gun safety legislation, but in the mean time I am committed to using every power of my office to prevent senseless killings.

Then in December, in bold move -- Attorney General Mark Herring said Virginia won't recognize 25 other states concealed handgun permits starting February 1st but that decision was reversed and now won`t take effect until March 1st.

Meanwhile, lawmakers continue to debate what laws should be in place.

It seems like there`s a new law seems something new every week it seems, said resident Tom Johnson.

So NewsChannel 3 wanted to know where you can and cannot bring your gun.

I didn't know there were so many rules and regulations, said local resident Joseph Plair.

According to state law, colleges and universities can determine whether or not they want firearms on their campuses but Norfolk State University, Old Dominion University, Regent University and Hampton University said guns are not allowed on their campuses.

When it comes to K-12 schools, no guns are allowed on school property unless you've got a concealed handgun permit and the gun is concealed in a car in the parking lot.

Absolutely no guns are allowed in any courthouse. And you can`t bring any dangerous weapon into a place of worship without good and sufficient reason.

But what is a good or sufficient reason?

The law is vague when it comes to guns in churches.

The question becomes what constitutes good cause and it`s not defined in the statue," says gun rights attorney Shawn Cline.

If you own a legal handgun you can openly carry it in many places with it exposed. But if you`re on private property and asked to put your gun away you're required to do so.

Gun rights supporter Michael Williams said he likes to carry his gun on his hip and if a business doesn't like it, then he won`t go there.

Six or seven months ago I was asked to leave unless I was in uniform, I said there are plenty of places I can eat shrimp, said Williams.

And a business can hang a sign indicating they don`t want guns on their property.

But the signs look different here in Virginia from the courthouse, to the post office, to the liquor store and the airport. The signs all have the same message but a different look.

Some states like Arizona have standard, universal sign. A spokesperson from the Arizona Attorney General`s Office said they want to make it as clear as possible for the public if guns are not allowed in a particular business or area.

You can bring your gun into a bar or restaurant and carry it openly but if you've got a concealed handgun permit you are not allowed to drink any alcohol.

Guns are also allowed in most parks unless you see a sign telling you otherwise.

To an individual who is not an expert in this field it can be very confusing, said Cline.

There are different rules and regulations for law enforcement. They are allowed to carry their guns in many places.

It can be confusing especially if you are like so many in the state who are getting a gun for the first time.

But the experts say understanding your gun and your rights will help you no matter where you are.

7. Obama fails to sway public on gun control

Thanks to member Timothy Wise for sharing this:

or ... oll-finds/

Obama Fails To Sway Public On Gun Control: Poll by John Merline January 8, 2016

Despite years of speeches, addresses, events and a legislative push, President Obama has failed to convince the public on key gun control positions that he has advocated, according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll.

Just 42% of the public thinks stricter gun control laws will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals, while 52% think increased gun ownership increases public safety.

The poll also found that 42% of adults say that they or someone in their household owns a gun, and 28% say they are planning to buy one; 55% of them say that it is for security or protection. Among married women, 49% say that they or someone in their house owns a gun.

The public also overwhelmingly agrees with gun-rights groups that the Second Amendment will always be a relevant and necessary safeguard against tyranny. Fully 72% side with that view. Support for this view crosses demographic and ideological lines 52% of Democrats feel this way, as do 52% of those who don t own or plan to buy a gun.

Overall, just 23% of those polled think that the Second Amendment is no longer relevant or necessary in modern-day America.

Minds Haven t Changed

The IBD/TIPP findings come after years of public appeals by Obama for stricter gun control laws and after his latest round of executive actions meant to impose stricter rules on gun sales.

But Obama s pleadings appear to have done little to change minds about guns. Democrats have always been with him more than two-thirds of them believe that increased gun ownership leads to higher incidence of crime, a position that Obama has staked out. But only 13% of Republicans and 31% of independents feel this way.

In contrast, 57% of independents and 80% of Republicans believe that more guns leads to less crime.

And while 72% of Democrats believe that stricter gun control laws would significantly cut crime and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, only 14% of Republicans and 35% of independents feel this way.

A similar divide shows up between red and blue states. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of red-state adults say that more guns mean less crime, for example, but only 46% of those living in blue states feel that way.

In many ways, Obama s aggressive gun control push appears to have backfired. His attempt to get gun control legislation through Congress went nowhere, and even gun control advocates admit that his executive actions regarding gun sales wouldn t have prevented the mass shootings in recent years.

Obama Fuels Gun Sales

In addition, gun sales have been at record levels since Obama took office. FBI data show that it conducted twice as many background checks in 2015 as in 2009. And stock prices for gun makers are up significantly over the past year. Smith & Wesson (SWHC) shares are 123% higher than 52 weeks ago; Sturm Ruger (RGR) shares are up 54%. The S&P 500 is down 6.7% vs. a year earlier.

Public support for gun control is at record lows, according to the Roper Survey, which found that more Americans oppose stricter gun control legislation in October 2015 than support it. Opposition to gun bans is at its highest levels since Roper started tracking it. Gallup polling saw a bump in support for gun control last fall, but it is still well below previous levels.

NRA Targeted

Even Obama s attempts to demonize the National Rifle Association have made little headway with the public. At a town hall meeting sponsored by CNN on Thursday, for example, Obama repeatedly complained about the NRA, at one point implying that it has a stranglehold on Congress in this debate and has thwarted sensible reforms. But Gallup finds that 58% supported the NRA last fall, up from 54% in 2012 and 52% in 2000.

The IBD/TIPP Poll was taken from Jan. 4-7 by live interviewers using both land and cell phones. It has a sample size of 748 adults nationwide with a margin of error plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

8. Obama wants 'billions for gun control' in 2017 budget

Thanks to member Bill Albritton for sharing this:

Hopefully, Congress will stop him.

or ... 17-budget/

Obama Wants Billions For Gun Control In 2017 Budget by AWR Hawkins February 9, 2016

On February 9 President Obama released his 2017 budget proposal and it contains billions for gun control.

Much of this is to fund the various aspects of Obama s January 5 executive gun controls, which include new FBI personnel to handle National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) checks, more ATF agents, funding smart gun research, expanding background checks to trusts, etc.

According to The Hill, Tuesday s budget proposal seeks $1.3 billion for the ATF alone. Thirty-five million of those dollars would go to funding the new ATF agents in the roles outlined the executive gun controls. Budget monies are also being sought for the mental health aspects of Obama s gun controls this includes the gun ban for some Social Security beneficiaries, which was co-opted into the list of executive controls.

Republicans criticized the requests for gun control funding, but House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has yet to say whether he actually plans to fight funding the executive controls.

9. Intel community foresees worst year ever for Jihadi terror against U.S.

Thanks to member Rick Evans for sharing this link:

And not only will civilians be the primary targets, but civilians who are carrying will likely be the primary, if not only, responders ...

or ... gainst-us/

Intel Community Foresees Worst Year Ever for Jihadi Terror Against U.S.
by Edwin Mora
February 9, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. The latest annual Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) indicates that 2016 may be the worst year in history for terrorism, primarily at the hands of Sunni extremist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and al-Qaeda (AQ).

Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper delivered the assessment, which highlights the perils facing the United States globally, during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday.

The United States and its allies are facing a challenging threat environment in 2016. Sunni violent extremism has been on an upward trajectory since the late 1970s and has more groups, members, and safe havens than at any other point in history, declares the IC report. At the same time, Shia violent extremists will probably deepen sectarian tensions in response to real and perceived threats from Sunni violent extremists and to advance Iranian influence.

The declaration comes after more than a year of U.S.-led military efforts against ISIS and more than a decade of war against al-Qaeda.

U.S.-based homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) are described in the assessment as the top terrorist threat to the United States.

Homegrown extremists will probably continue to pose the most significant Sunni terrorist threat to the US homeland in 2016, says the assessment. The perceived success of attacks by HVEs in Europe and North America, such as those in Chattanooga [Tennessee] and San Bernardino [California], might motivate others to replicate opportunistic attacks with little or no warning, diminishing our ability to detect terrorist operational planning and readiness.

ISIL involvement in homeland attack activity will probably continue to involve those who draw inspiration from the group s highly sophisticated media without direct guidance from ISIL leadership and individuals in the United States or abroad who receive direct guidance and specific direction from ISIL members or leaders, also says the U.S. intelligence community.

Although al-Qaeda has proven resilient and is likely to make gains this year, ISIS has become the most dangerous terrorist group because of its self-described caliphate in Syria and Iraq, its branches and emerging branches in other countries, and its increasing ability to direct and inspire attacks against a wide range of targets around the world, notes the report.

[AQ] affiliates have proven resilient and are positioned to make gains in 2016, despite counterterrorism pressure that has largely degraded the network s leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it adds. They will continue to pose a threat to local, regional, and even possibly global interests

Al-Qaeda remains intent on attacking the United States and its allies, warns the intelligence community.

Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, director of the Pentagon s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), predicted that ISIS will probably increase its attacks this year in the DIA s own assessment of the threats facing the United States globally, which he delivered while testifying before the Senate panel alongside Clapper on Tuesday.

ISIL will likely increase the pace and lethality of its transnational attacks as infrastructure and capabilities mature, declared the DIA. It will purposefully attempt to stoke sectarian conflict between Shia and Sunni, and between the West and Islam, to create the chaotic environment in which it thrives. ISIL will probably conduct additional attacks in Europe and attempt to direct attacks on the US Homeland in 2016.

Citing a new assessment from the U.S. intelligence community, the White House last week said that the number of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria has dropped by about 20 percent to 25,000, from a previous estimate of 31,000, due to battlefield fatalities and desertions.

Meanwhile, the DNI s World Wide Threat Assessment, released Tuesday, mentions that more than 36,500 foreign fighters including at least 6,600 from Western countries have traveled to Syria from more than 100 countries since the conflict began in 2012.

The report does not highlight any reduction in the number of ISIS fighters.

Nevertheless, it warns that foreign fighters who have trained in Iraq and Syria might potentially leverage skills and experience to plan and execute attacks in the West.

Recruits proficiency in information technology, social media, and online research will reportedly continue to benefit terrorist groups in 2016, namely ISIS.

Some terrorists will look to use these technologies to increase the speed of their communications, the availability of their propaganda, and ability to collaborate with new partners, notes the intelligence community in its latest annual assessment. They will easily take advantage of widely available, free encryption technology, mobile-messaging applications, the dark web, and virtual environments to pursue their objectives.

Among Sunni violent extremist groups, ISIL is probably most proficient at harnessing social media to disseminate propaganda and solicit recruits among a broad audience, it adds.

10. Lott: Even liberal academics are turning pro-gun ownership

Thanks to member Walter Jackson for sharing this:

or ... ownership/

John Lott: Even Liberal Academics Are Turning Pro-Gun Ownership by John R. Lott February 11, 2016

From the left and right, people are bombarded with diametrically opposing claims on guns. But most of this bombardment isn t coming from the National Rifle Association.

Michael Bloomberg is spending far more money hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince Americans that guns should be kept out of the hands of even law-abiding citizens.

And yet, by double-digit margins, Americans say that they feel safer if more people in their neighborhood own guns. The answer is the same on concealed carry.

Most of the media are doing their best to convince Americans that gun ownership is dangerous. Some, such as the New York Times, seem to interview only academics who believe in gun control. But what do the so-called experts really believe?

To find out, Professor Gary Mauser of Canada s Simon Fraser University and I teamed up to survey researchers who had published gun-related, peer-reviewed empirical research. We limited our search to those who had published in criminology and economics journals over the last 15 years.

We surveyed 130 researchers and ended up with 74 responses a 57% response rate. Thirty-nine of the respondents had published in criminology journals. The remaining 35 had published in economics journals.

These criminologists and economists agree with the American people by an overwhelming margin.

Economists and criminologists tend to approach their research in very different ways. Economists believe in deterrence: As something becomes more costly, people do less of it. Deterrence does not figure prominently in the thinking of most criminologists. Criminologists usually don t study the importance of police in deterring crime.

Economists and criminologists differ in other ways. Taking the average of surveys on academic economists political views, we find that Democrats outnumber Republicans by almost 3 to 1.

In sociology, of which criminology is a subfield, there are about 37 Democrat faculty members for every Republican. Many sociology departments may not have even a single Republican.

Although they both lean Democrat, economists and criminologists both find strong evidence that guns are used more for self-defense than for committing crimes.

They also find that gun-free zones attract criminals, that guns in the home do not increase the risk of suicide, that concealed handgun permit holders are much more law-abiding than the typical American and that concealed carry leads to lower murder rates.

On every question but the one on whether a gun in the home increases the risk of suicide, those surveyed took the pro-gun position by a margin of approximately 30 percentage points. Even on the issue of suicide, the academics believed by a 20-point margin that increased gun ownership would not lead to more suicides.

The margin on whether permitted concealed handguns reduce murder rates? A staggering 40 points.

Economists, on the whole, were much more likely than criminologists to believe there are benefits from gun ownership. By a factor of 12 to 1, economists believe that permitted, concealed handguns reduce rather than increase murder rates. Criminologists believe this by a factor of just 2 to 1.

On only one question do the two groups have different majority opinions. This is whether guns are used more frequently in self-defense than they are used in the commission of crime.

In this case, criminologists thought by a 51% to 44% margin that guns were more frequently used in the commission of a crime. Economists thought the opposite by a margin of 83% to 17%.

In the criminologists survey, a number of the respondents answered, I don t know, but were then asked which side they would pick if forced to choose. The majority opinion among criminologists exists only when people were forced to pick sides.

Academics have perhaps been leading the way in a tidal shift on thinking about guns. Over the last 15 years, Americans have become much more supportive of gun ownership. In a Gallup survey, people answered Yes by a margin of 63% to 30% to saying that they believe gun ownership makes their homes safer.

Another Gallup survey found that 60% of gun owners listed personal safety/protection as the reason why they owned a gun. And a December 2014 Pew Research Center survey found that 57% of Americans believe that gun ownership protects people from becoming victims of crime. Thirty-seven percent believe it puts people s safety at risk.

Who d have thought it? At least on the subject of gun ownership, many liberal academics have apparently actually let their views be shaped by the evidence.

11. Five things every reasonable gun owner ought to know

Thanks to member Marc Montoni for sharing this:

or ... n-america/

12. [ME] A gun in the hand beats a cop on the phone

Thanks to member Bill Albritton for sharing this:

or ... 2/3016841/

Police Chief: A Gun in the Hand Beats a Cop on the Phone by AWR HAWKINS February 12, 2016

On February 7, a 73-year-old woman in Waterville, Maine, woman was raped in her home. Police Chief Joe Massey described it as one of those incidents that reminds you that a gun in the hand is better than someone on the phone telling you police are on their way.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the woman awoke to a loud bang shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday and was confronted by a man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and armed with what appeared to be a handgun. The man marched her to the bedroom, where he put a pillow case over her head [and] sexually assaulted her. He then pistol whipped her. The woman suffered multiple bruises from the beating and was later hospitalized.

Chief Massey was disturbed by the violence and brutality involved in the attack, and he said it proves there are monsters living among us from whom we must defend ourselves. He lamented that the elderly woman did not have a gun, saying, In cases like this, you wish the homeowner had a weapon and was capable of defending themselves.

Jeffrey Butts of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York described Massey s wishes that the 73-year-old woman had been armed to defend herself as typical of the immediate gut reaction to horrific crimes. Butts said, It is easy to indulge in the Wild West fantasy that crime would be deterred if we were all armed all the time, and undoubtedly this is true. But far more crimes would be created than prevented by widespread gun ownership.

Yet in reality, Butts is wrong and empirical evidence proves it.

Breitbart News previously reported a Congressional Research Service (CRS) study which showed that while private gun ownership grew from 192 million firearms in 1994 to 310 million firearms in 2009, the murder rate plummeted. According to the report, the firearm-related murder and non-negligent homicide rate was 6.6 per 100,000 Americans in 1993. Following the exponential growth in the number of guns, that rate fell to 3.6 per 100,000 in 2000. The rate came down as low as 3.2 per 100,000 in 2011 while gun ownership continued to expand.

The demonstrable point of the CRS study more guns, less crime.

Fortunately in the case of the Waterville woman who was not armed to defend herself police were able to arrest 32-year-old Mark Daniel Halle in connection with the attack. He is being held on felony counts of gross sexual assault, burglary and aggravated assault.

13. [PA] Concealed permit holder saves officer surrounded by mob

Thanks to member Rick Evans for sharing this link:

Yes, concealed carriers can make a positive difference ... and I expect we'll see more stories like this.

or ... ed-by-mob/

Police: Concealed Permit Holder Saves Officer Surrounded By Mob by AWR Hawkins February 10, 2016

On February 5, an armed citizen saved an Upper Darby police officer who was under assault and encircled by a mob of onlookers.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said there is no doubt they would have attacked the officer without the armed citizen s intervention.

According to, the officer was breaking up a fight between two Upper Darby High School students after school had let out for the day and one of the students jumped the officer. Superintendent Chitwood said, As he breaks up the fight, he takes one kid and then the other jumps [on] him. Now he s fighting two of them and he s calling for an assist officer at the same time. There s a crowd of 40 or 50 kids watching the fight, and they all move in towards the officer.

An area resident with a concealed carry permit saw the officer struggling and the crowd closing in, so he grabbed his gun and ran to the officer s defense. The resident ordered the kids to get away from the officer and kept them away until sufficient backup arrived. Chitwood said, He had the gun in his hand, but he didn t point it at the kids, he just told them to back off. If this guy didn t come out and come to the aid of the officer, this officer would have had significant problems.

The officer who was under attack suffered significant hand injuries and the first officer to respond to calls for backup suffered a major injury to a leg when he was kicked by one of the teens in the fight.

Both teens were charged with aggravated assault on police, riot, harassment, and related offenses. Six other youths were arrested for fighting at other locations near the school on Friday as well.

After the incident was over, Chitwood restated police commitment to getting kids home safe after school and said, I can t emphasize it enough, but the majority of these kids are decent kids.

14. [OK] Okay schools allow staff to arm

Thanks to member James Dinger for sharing this:

What are the public school districts in Virginia waiting for?

or ... bd54c.html

Okay schools allow staff to arm
By Harrison Grimwood, Phoenix Staff Writer February 4, 2016

OKAY New signs posted on the grounds of Okay Public Schools announce an "Armed School Employees" policy in place.

The Okay Public Schools Board of Education passed an Armed School Employees policy in August. On Monday, the district publicized that policy with signage in front of the school.

The signs are more or less a deterrent, Superintendent Charles McMahan said. We don't want to be a soft target.

McMahan said his administration looks for ways to keep students safe and secure, particularly since the Okay Police Department was disbanded in December 2014. Although Wagoner County sheriff's deputies are available, McMahan said it is seconds, not minutes, that matter.

Student Richard Antosh and several of his peers supported the policy, trusting their teachers should a threat arise. Many of the students only learned of the policy when the administration placed the signs.

Antosh said his concern, though, was if a kid tried to get the gun (from an employee) and hurt someone.

The school's policy, spearheaded by High School Principal Mark Hayes, is designed to fill the security where it was vacated by local law enforcement.

There have been numerous shootings in the country, and we want to keep our students safe, Hayes said. These are our kids.

Fort Gibson was the site of a school shooting in 1999. Fort Gibson honor-roll student Seth Trickey emptied the clip of a 9 mm pistol he brought to the middle school, wounding five of his classmates, said Richard Slader, who was the chief of the Fort Gibson Police Department at the time.

According to Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, a gun violence research group, there were about 65 school shootings some with injuries, some without, some intentional, some unintentional in 2015.

(A policy) probably would not have affected it then, Slader said. Everything took place right outside.

Trickey had been dropped off for school in the morning. He pulled the pistol and fired until it was empty, Slader said.

Fort Gibson Public Schools Superintendent Derald Glover said the topic of a similar policy to Okay's has come up in conversation. But it has not been a topic for the school board, and he does not foresee it.

Glover, who was not the superintendent at the time, said it would be impossible to speculate the impact that an armed-employee policy could have had on the 1999 shooting.

We would not do it at this time until we know that there is adequate training for someone to be carrying (a firearm) around students. But we respect those that do, Glover said.

Officials at Muskogee, Keys, Porum and Hilldale public schools said local police serve the role of security at their institutions. Generally, officials said it was not necessary at their schools.

To make it short and sweet, we just don't think it's safe, Porum Public Schools Superintendent Curtis Curry said.

One Okay employee is approved to carry. For other employees to arm themselves, they must qualify with a Council on Law Enforcement Education Training certification or license; possess an Oklahoma Self Defense Act License; and be CLEET qualified with the firearm, according to the policy.

After an employee has completed the qualifications, they may submit themselves to the OPS Board of Education for approval before carrying, McMahan said. Okay is the only school in the Green Country area with an armed-employee policy, he said.

Our standards are higher, McMahan said. We really wanted people to know this is serious to us; we don't take this issue lightly.

15. German gun ownership skyrockets in response to migrant crisis

Thanks to member Bill Albritton for sharing this link:

Now the Germans know how the French felt. But the French weren't able to arm themselves.

or ... nt-crisis/

German Gun Ownership SKYROCKETS To 301,000 In Response To Migrant Crisis by Oliver JJ Lane February 9, 2016

The number of licences for small weapons in Germany rose by 21,000 over the month of January, pushing the total number of papers held across the Federal Republic to 301,000.

The declaration of small weapon licences comes after a request by a Green Party member of parliament, who criticised German citizens decisions to invest in self defence as provocative. Green politician, security committee member, and former policewoman Irene Mihalic acknowledged the change was because of growing insecurity felt by the Germany people, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine, and said:

Imagine that during major event like a carnival, if people acted rashly a weapon might only provoke chaos and violence when more and more people carry weapons, it is more likely to contribute to escalation than calm situations .

The small arms licences being issued now in such great number only cover firearms such as blank firing pistols, and deterrent self-defence pistols.

Rather than firing live shells, the gas guns which are indistinguishable from from their live-firing equivalents use an explosive propellant to fire a concentrated cloud of CS gas at an attacker. Once a licence has been acquired, there is no limit or checks on the acquisitions of these small guns, a loophole Ms. Mihalic has called to close.

The Green Party MP has also called for controls on simple self-defence articles such as pepper spray, of which there is a shortage across Europe as demand continues to outstrip supply.

The news of a national rise follows a number of independent declarations by individual German states and townships on their own meteoric rises in gun licence applications since the Cologne New Year s Eve rape attacks.

Breitbart London has reported on the declarations of towns like Prignitz, where there were as many licence applications in January as the whole of 2015 combined, and of migrant-crime hit Flensburg where there were even more applications in January than the whole previous year. The owner of a local gun shop told media his new customers were afraid of becoming victims, and even police officers had come in to buy weapons for their wives and daughters.

The last town on the migrant route north through Germany to Denmark, the people of Flensburg have also taken it upon themselves to organise a citizen s militia, which patrols the streets by night. The vigilante group claims its mission to provide reassurance to local citizens and merely detain any trouble makers until the police are able to arrive and place them under arrest.

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