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President Trump’s economic winning streak.

Posted: Fri, 02 Nov 2018 22:27:36
by mmckee1952
President Trump’s economic winning streak.
From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, great numbers for our country.
250,000 jobs added in Oct.
Record number of Americans employed.
Unemployment at a 49 year low.
Wage growth fastest since 2008 at 3.6%.
32,000 manufacturing jobs added in Oct.
Black & Hispanic unemployment at a record low.
Black & Hispanic employment highest in history.
4.9 million Jobs added since President Trump was elected.
Women’s and youth employment at the highest in 65 years.
You have to ask, is President Trump delivering on his promises and keeping his word?
Because if your honest, every objective economic measure were way better off.
You have to ask yourself this, what are the Democrats offering the American people that will make our lives better and remember; the Democrat’s said that these great numbers for our country would never come back or happen.
Turn out and vote on Nov 6th
Your family, children, grandchildren & your country needs you.
You have the power to keep our country safe.