Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Deliciously Fresh Meals

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Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Deliciously Fresh Meals

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Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine
With a 12-inch sealing bar and a built-in motor to keep this commercial vacuum packaging machine cool, this vacuum sealer comes with an accessory hose and 30 pre-cut bags that allow you to get started right away. Because of the pulse function, you can easily seal delicate foods such as cheese, bread, and even fruit, allowing you to seal them properly without crushing them. Whether you want to marinate or seal foods, this vacuum sealer made by Avid Armor is the one for you.
Priced at just under $300, this is an economical but efficient vacuum sealer that is perfect for restaurants, industrial kitchens, sous vide vacuum cooking, and outdoor use by individuals. It is made out of stainless steel and is therefore very durable. It works with all types of foods including vegetables, nuts, coffee, cheese, and all types of liquids. In fact, if you love to pickle or marinate foods, you’ll find this sealer easy to use and very efficient.
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FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine

Available for roughly $325, this sealer can keep your food safe for up to three years and still tasting yummy. The automatic moisture detection feature means that the sealing is always perfect regardless of the foods you’re trying to seal. A second heat-sealing bar will automatically prep the next bag and the LED light indicators make the entire process super easy on your part. High in quality and with a five-year warranty included, this commercial food vacuum sealer is even made out of dishwasher-safe materials, making it easy to keep it super clean month after month.

Best of all, this sealer can accommodate foods of different types and many different sizes whether you’re trying to seal fresh vegetables, meats of different types, grated cheeses, and so much more. It also comes with a one-touch design that allows you to operate it with the push of a button, which means that the seal function will work perfectly every time, providing just what you need to prevent freezer burn in the future.
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VacMaster VP-215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

You can tell just by looking at this sealer that it is a high-tech machine, starting with its professional-looking design that will impress anyone. The price of the sealer is roughly $1100 but you’ll consider it worth the price once you discover its many important features. The VacMaster VP-215 not only works great with meats and vegetables but can easily accommodate soups, stews, liquids, and marinades as well. This is indeed a versatile machine that you can count on for all of your food-preservation needs.
Some of the many features of this professional vacuum sealer include a double-seal function for a better overall seal, a 1/4 HP rotary oil pump that makes accommodating bigger food items much simpler, a super-quiet motor that allows you to operate it anywhere, and the ability to extend the shelf life of your foods up to five times longer than standard containers or bags.
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