left handed shooter

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left handed shooter

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I am normally right handed but shoot left handed because Im left eye dominant. Anyone have any tip or pointers? I have always shot like this so it's normal for me.
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Re: left handed shooter

Post by Ironbear »

Right-handed bolt actions are possible, but slow.
Handguns with safeties... really need a lefty safety.
On handguns, right-handed magazine releases and slide releases are usually easy to use left handed.
On rifles, right-handed magazine releases and slide releases are often (but not always) clumsy to use left handed.
Cross-bolt safeties should be avoided.
Some semi-automatics eject brass kind of close to your face.
Being left-handed is etymologically linked to being sinister and gauche....
My grandfather said, "Always use your head!".
I told him, "I want to pound nails!"
He said, "Best use a hammer instead."
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