Shipping guns to Virginia FFL

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Shipping guns to Virginia FFL

Post by luisyamaha »

Hello, new to the boards. Planning on moving to Richmond VA sometime this year. Thought I'd ship some of my firearms to an FFl in Virginia.
Will I have any issues getting them from the FFL? Limit to how many guns per trip? I mean, they are my guns already, I'm not buying them now. Will this raise any red flags? All these guns are presently registered with the Puerto Rico PD, as it is the law here. My local FFL will un-register (?) them from the PRPD when he ships them out.

I have no problem with NICS, as I had to pass that plus some more local scrutiny when I got each and every one.

I'll probably try to take some with me on the plane as baggage. Will I have any issues once I land in Richmond?
Altogether, plane and registered mail to FFL, it will be around 8 handguns and 20 or so rifles.

Just trying to get a handle on things before I start checking out FFL's in the Richmond area.

Thank-you for any info.

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Re: Shipping guns to Virginia FFL

Post by allingeneral »

Sounds to me like you have a good plan. Now to find am FFL. I guess since these aren't true transfers, you wouldn't have to fill out paperwork at this end?
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