Thomas Massie Unapologetic in D.C. Gun Push

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Thomas Massie Unapologetic in D.C. Gun Push

Postby ShotgunBlast » Fri, 01 Aug 2014 07:52:19

One of my favorite reps, up there with Trey Gowdy and Justin Amash. :clap:

The Kentucky Republican, who wants to wipe out all of the District’s local firearm restrictions — effectively making the city one of the most permissive gun jurisdictions in the nation — said Thursday that both states [Pennsylvania and New Hampshire] have “really good constitutional concealed carry laws.”


Since the ruling, Lanier has indicated her biggest concern is not the potential for crime, but securing the most sensitive parts of the nation’s capital, including places that host foreign dignitaries and heads of state, the president, the first family and the vice president.

Massie rejects the idea that D.C. has a unique need to limit where people can carry handguns.

“Did the leaders of the city not understand that criminals are out there right now with guns when the motorcades go by?” he said. “I mean, I think we would be safer if law-abiding, honest citizens also had guns and not just the criminals, because those guns are out there. [They should] go check their own crime statistics if they think they’re not.” ... laws/?dcz=

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Re: Thomas Massie Unapologetic in D.C. Gun Push

Postby WRW » Fri, 01 Aug 2014 11:01:56

It's pretty damned arrogant of that small jurisdiction to think that they are charged with protecting the Government of the US.

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