Does GOA/NRA/etc really believe this stuff?

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Does GOA/NRA/etc really believe this stuff?

Postby Remek » Wed, 11 Dec 2013 15:28:05

Bear with this, please. It's somewhat tedious, but important to me, and I really want YOUR opinion.

I received this alert today:

In it GOA goes on to explain how the conservatives in the house passed the extension for the "undetectable" gun law (by the way, shouldn't that be the "non-existant" or "unbeleivable" or "imaginary" or maybe "ultra-double-secret-probation" gun law??????), in order to stop the Senate from introducing new stuff into it (e.g., vague language, printed receivers, etc.).

Now, I agree that what they said is exactly what they told us when the extension on the "undetectable" gun law was voted upon by the house. (The house DID NOT HAVE TO VOTE ON THIS; they could have easily squashed it before it came up for vote. Also, the party would very likely have voted it down given their own devices, so there were people in the house leadership twisting arms to vote FOR the extension.)

However, I have known for a LOOOONG Time that the senate version of the bill can pass as different from the house, and then they broker a deal to some intermediate through a few representatives from each chamber, which is typically just voted "yea" at the end as a "compromise". This is SOP (standard operating procedure).

Given this, how does GOA (or any other group "on my side") tell me that they did not know these other issues would come up this way? Did they really believe our reps? Didn't they realize that BOTH sides were determined to get a ban through, attacking both the "undetectable" guns and the "printed" guns, all the while allowing for a vague language which will be used against me and you to persecute us more and wear us down? I.e., I mean, the republicans are our enemy as much as the democraps. The tea party republicans get a pass.

Lastly, I have read elsewhere that the NRA agreed that the ban was needed, and was with the house conservatives on a vote for the "undetectable" ban extension. Is this true?

To recap:

1. Do you think GOA is reporting things differently to us as compared to what they believe to be going on, or are they THAT dumb? and

2. Did the NRA back the "undetectable" gun ban extension?

Thanks for participating!
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Re: Does GOA/NRA/etc really believe this stuff?

Postby ShotgunBlast » Wed, 11 Dec 2013 18:19:09

In my opinion, the House wanted a 10-year extension because the Senate only wanted a 1-year extension so they could battle it out after the mid-term elections and push for additional restrictions. Yeah the House could have let this expire, but then any news coverage about the expiration (and accompanying battle) would take the focus off of the ACA which is what I believe the House wants to keep focusing on up to the mid-terms.

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