Sodan Armament in Quinton Va (New Kent)

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Sodan Armament in Quinton Va (New Kent)

Postby Reverenddel » Fri, 15 Jul 2016 16:38:53

Walked in with a 1911 grip bushing issue, Courtney was very friendly, called Charlie up.

He asked "Do you have time to wait? Won't take but a minute."

To his word, 23 minutes later. FIXED! Like brand spanking new, and the price was so good. I'm going back to make him some leather cuffs for helping me out.

He's done work for me before when he worked at DeGoff's on my Colt Mustang, so finding that he has his own shop, that's less than 30 minutes from Chester, Mechanicsville, and Richmond?

That's just biscuits, and gravy!

PLUS! Does coating finishes as well. I was looking at one, and thought? "yeah, I'm gonna have to get the Kimber back in here after I get it dialed in". :first:

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