Clark Brothers, Warrenton, VA

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Clark Brothers, Warrenton, VA

Postby Ron71 » Mon, 01 Jun 2015 19:23:02

Wish I had seen the previous post asking about a Warrenton area gunsmith!

I ordered and purchased my Weatherby at Gander Mountain a while back. I bought a Leupold scope in a separate transaction online. I know I can't expect much from a box store, but I thought - how hard can it be to bore sight a scope? I can zero-in the darn thing by myself. Disaster - two mounts later the scope was totally off with the dials maxxed. Two weeks and the firearm was still messed up.

Frustrated. I took the little extra time to drive out to Warrenton and had the guys at Clark Brothers give it a once over. The smith there knew exactly what the problem was - both mounts GM installed were all wrong. Luckily Clark Brothers had the right parts in stock. I had them zero it in to be sure - I didn't want any more trips! Amazingly, my rifle was ready the next day and it shoots like a dream ever since.

Just this last week, I took my Marlin .22WMR in for repeated misfires and again the problem was immediately identified and repaired. The rifle was ready the next day.

I can't say enough about the friendly customer service and over the counter demeanor of all the staff there. I've been going to Clark Brother's for decades and they never fail.

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Re: Clark Brothers, Warrenton, VA

Postby SHMIV » Mon, 01 Jun 2015 19:40:47

I went there, once. Bought a holster and some ammo. I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. In fact, the guy who was helping me got called off for something, and before he went to attend to whatever it was that needed his attention, he found another staff member to help me. I thought that the extra bit of effort to make sure that I wasn't left hanging was pretty nice.

They are really out of my way, most of the time, so I can't justify regular trips there, but I do have occasion to pass by a few times a year. When I have the time to stop, and they are open, I will gladly spend money with them again.

As a bonus, there is a truck stop across the street :) They actually discussed whether or not it was feasible for me to park my truck there, but I figured that doing so would be unfair to other customers, so I told them not to worry about it. I don't mind walking over from the truck stop.

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Re: Clark Brothers, Warrenton, VA

Postby lcenter » Wed, 19 Jul 2017 10:20:12

I used to shoot regularly at the outdoor range at Clark Brothers back in the 1970s. Back then I shot a lot of Black Powder, and they were the only range I could reach from Arlington. As others have said, great stock, great service, great overall. Really should go back there for "old times sake".

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