.45 Commander can be 70 grs, 2200 fps

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.45 Commander can be 70 grs, 2200 fps

Postby bali » Sun, 09 Oct 2016 16:02:49

with a fully supported barrel and .45 Super cases. That's over 700 ft lbs, with less recoil than .45 ball. If you'll rechamber a spare barrel to 460 Rowland, you can get 70 grs to 2300 fps, which is nearly 800 ft lbs. Make that 70 gr bullet a 2 segmented Split Nose solid copper hp, and it REALLY hammers deer, to 25 yds or so. Beats 300 gr swc's in a .44 mag all to hell, cause it doesn't waste half of its power on the far side of the deer.

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