GOA Alert: Will New Jersey Governor Sign a Gun Control Bill?

GOA Alert: Will New Jersey Governor Sign a Gun Control Bill?

Postby Taggure » Fri, 28 Mar 2014 09:42:40

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Will New Jersey Governor Sign a Gun Control Bill?
Take the GOA poll and send a message to Gov. Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might soon face a monumental decision over a gun control bill that could land on his desk -- and this comes as he ponders whether to throw his hat into the ring for a presidential run.

A bill to limit magazine capacity from 15 rounds to 10 rounds -- and to instantly turn hundreds of thousands of Garden State citizens into criminals -- is currently working its way through the state legislature.

It has already passed the House and is expected to pass the Senate, as well. More on this story below, along with information on the GOA Poll Question that will generate results from you all -- results which GOA will send to Gov. Christie.

But first, there is monumental news from a state that borders New Jersey, and it has many observers wondering if the oncoming electoral tsunami in November might take out sitting Democrats and Republicans all across the country.

(1) ACTION for citizens outside of NJ: GOA has set up a Poll Question which simply asks: Should Governor Chris Christie veto A.B. 2006 -- a bill that will limit magazine capacity from 15 rounds to 10 rounds, and instantly turn hundreds of thousands of New Jersey citizens into criminals?
No matter where you live, GOA would encourage you to distribute this alert and then to cast your vote -- as we will make the poll results available for the Governor and his staff.

(2) ACTION for NJ citizens: In addition to taking the poll, please use the pre-written letter below to help direct your comments to Governor Chris Christie. You can use his webform at: http://www.state.nj.us/governor/contact/
Or, you can call him at: 609-292-6000.
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