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Postby Rualert » Mon, 18 Feb 2013 16:35:42

Here's a great little piece of software, and hardware anyone with a Chrony, or any other chronograph will find useful. The designer, and programmer are over in Europe, and I stumbled on him, and the cables through one of the Air gun sites I visit. (Side note, I use several adult air rifles, and pistols to keep my skills sharp) The cables work on just about every chronograph out there, and even the F1 which Chrony will tell you can't do anything other than show you each shot. Combine the cable and software, and it will remotely grab the shot strings from the chrony, and dump them into csv for direct import into Excel, or your favorite spreadsheet program. Well worth the $55.00 or so cost, considering if you have an F1, and want to upgrade, then add a printer, or buy there software, your way over the cost of the cable and his software. Just thought you guys might enjoy this, and maybe one of the store owners here, might contact him, and stock a few?


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