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NM Collector Software Free to Small Government Agencies

Postby nmCollector » Sat, 08 Mar 2014 13:54:26

I suspect there are a lot of Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) that frequent these forums. I thought this might be of interest to LEOs and to those who wish to support them.

Recently I was contacted by a police officer with a small police department in a small Indiana town. He asked me if I would be willing to donate a copy of NM Collector Software to their PD to help them manager their firearms and ammunition. Since NM Collector Software is designed with the private collector in mind, it is not designed for high volumes (greater than 500 items per collection type) so I was concerned about how many items this small PD would be managing. Once I understood that NM Collector Software has more than enough capacity for them I was happy to donate a free activation.

In fact, supporting small municipal police departments is so appealing to me that I would like to make NM Collector Software activations available for free to all small government agencies with less than 500 items per collection type to manage. It occurred to me that small government agencies might want to track more than just guns and ammo. They could use my software to manage vehicles (including maintenance - please see templates page for download and instructions) or even small museum inventories. Granted, a museum can quickly exceed 500 items but perhaps they could break their inventory up into different collection types and manage each collection type separately.

Please consider spreading the word. You have my permission to spread the word however you like including electronically.


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