A Cautionary Tale...

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A Cautionary Tale...

Postby Ironbear » Thu, 01 Aug 2019 09:12:37

Worth reading.

I was the first backup car on scene and drove into a mess that consisted of a woman screaming “rape”, a guy wearing sweat pants with a badge in his hand, a uniformed police officer, and an unknown man holding a gun. Several of these characters were fighting on the ground in the middle of a busy four-lane road.


I should credit Grant Cunningham who pointed me to the article.
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Re: A Cautionary Tale...

Postby SHMIV » Thu, 01 Aug 2019 21:14:57

That loss prevention guy... I was under the impression that most stores wouldn't allow him to chase a suspect out into the parking lot, anyway.

While it's easy to analyze the story, and say "What should have happened, was...", I recognize that I wasn't there, and much of the story comes to me, third hand.

Still, I wonder if the loss prevention officer couldn't have done things a little differently, from the start, to prevent the whole scene in the middle of the road.

Myself, if a strange guy is pointing a gun at me, I'm not digging in my pockets. He may be convinced that he was on the wrong end of an unloaded pistol, but I doubt that he was able to look through the barrel, to know for sure. It may have been loaded with only one round.

The mysterious stranger could have done things differently, too. Though, one can't be too mad at him. Decent people help people in distress. I don't know that I'd be inclined to trust a slovenly dressed fellow with a badge, either. That said, I'd have stuck around for the aftermath. But, then, I can't say that I blame him for getting out of there, either. Some jurisdictions may have crucified the man, out of spite. Sheriff Duck Adams, of Dinwiddie,(and his crew of misfits) don't much like citizens who "do their job". If you go over and above a simple 911 call, they'll gladly ruin your day. So, maybe that's why the guy took off.

The biggest thing I take from the story is that there seems to be far too much incentive to keep your decency to yourself, these days. Potentially saving the life of a stranger could mean total devastation to your family. There is something inherently wrong with that.

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Re: A Cautionary Tale...

Postby MarcSpaz » Sat, 03 Aug 2019 01:34:45

That's a wild story. I have to say, I am not one to stand-by an watch people get hurt, but I am not immediately going to my gun. While sometimes split seconds can mean life or death, there are a lot of options between cruising down the street and shooting someone (in this case brandishing).

I broke up a brutal fight between two guys. One of them was screaming for help while the other wasn't saying anything... just swinging. Me and my dad separated the two of them and got them talking... go to find out that they were brothers and both drunk. Their mom just passed and the guy yelling for help blamed his brother for his mothers passing, even though she passed from poor health. Anyway, he took a swing at his brothers and then there they were, swinging it out in the middle of the road at 2 AM.

Imagine how crappy that would have gone if I pulled my gun instead of just breaking up the fight to find out what was happening?

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Re: A Cautionary Tale...

Postby jdonovan » Sat, 03 Aug 2019 07:46:06

Its always good to have other options, one of many reasons why there are generally electrical, and chemical options close at hand for me. There are to many situations that don't rise to deadly force, but you need to encourage someone to reconsider their choices.

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