The genie has been out of the bottle for centuries.

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The genie has been out of the bottle for centuries.

Postby AlanM » Tue, 23 Jan 2018 17:00:07

We all keep seeing pro and con posts and articles about firearms with the anti-gunners ranting that we need to keep guns away from the bad guys.

HOT FLASH! That genie has been out of the bottle for centuries. There's a series of Youtube videos showing a Williamsburg blacksmith/gun maker with his helper making and firing a flintlock Kentucky long rifle. And that was done with technology well over 200 years old.

When I was a child (6 decades ago) we would hear about inner city gang members making and using "zip guns" out of common hardware store available parts.
There is a scene in one of the Death Wish films where a good guy city dweller uses a shotgun made of plumbing parts.

I've seen videos of people making an AK-47 out of a shovel.
I've seen reports of the Khyber Pass gun makers making firearms with hand tools.

My own experience is of a fellow US sailor that I went through nuclear power school and prototype with that built a working (quite well I have to add) 1911. Thinking back I don't know if he made all the parts but I DO know that he machined the slide and frame (to JM Browning's specs) from steel stock using a Unimat bench lathe/mill. I'm not sure about the barrel but wouldn't bet against him having made that also.
He also had several single shot handguns that he had made including boring and rifling the barrels that had nice, smooth working trigger/hammer mechanisms.

As I said and will continue to say, the genie's out of the bottle and ain't going back.
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Re: The genie has been out of the bottle for centuries.

Postby SHMIV » Wed, 24 Jan 2018 07:47:51

There's a blog floating around WordPress that's dedicated to homemade firearms. Some are crudely and simply made, while others look factory made, and the rest fall somewhere in between.

Even in the absence of explosives, people will fashion weaponry out of whatever is available. Just look at prisons, and the weapons that they confiscate on a regular basis. Those guys can get creative.

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