G2 Rip whose carrying, thoughts?

G2 Rip whose carrying, thoughts?

Postby tangodown » Sun, 27 Mar 2016 15:22:40

Just picked up some for my EDC .45ACP, and the woman's .380 CC. So while I realize this a semi low penetration round designed for home/self defence in the home, what are y'alls thoughts on it?
Has anyone shot anything with it?
Any general thoughts on its concept/ performance?

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Re: G2 Rip whose carrying, thoughts?

Postby SHMIV » Mon, 28 Mar 2016 03:22:10

http://bearingarms.com/exposing-g2-rese ... rojectile/

http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/0 ... -gold-dot/

RIP ammo popped up in another thread, a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot which thread. I hadn't heard of it, prior. Anyway, when it came up, it was spoken poorly of, so I looked it up. The links above are a couple of things that I read on it. I have not personally tried the product, and based on the above, I don't intend to.

It's too bad, really. The idea isn't bad, in theory. But, it needs to be good in practice, and it appears not to be.

The reviews for Polycase Inceptor ARX seem to be better:


I haven't tried this brand, either, but I did buy some on a whim. I didn't realize what it was, at the time.

I was rather confused, though, why the bullets were in brass cases, when the company is called Polycase. Turns out, the company is solving a military problem.

At the conclusion of battles in the middle east, ISIS goes back to the battlegrounds to collect brass. They cast bullets from scrounged lead, gunpowder from fireworks, and reuse the brass. (That's the story, anyway. I do wonder about primers, though )

To solve this problem, Polycase was founded to experiment with 1 time use, plastic cases. Turns out, there were problems with traditional lead bullets, so the copper/plastic bullets were created. Polycase thought the civilian market would dig them, so they install the plastic bullets into brass cases, and ship them to your local gun store. Apparently, plastic casing is coming in the future.

I bought a box of 20 for about $20.

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