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Virginia 2A Sanctuary animated time lapse (12/21/19)

Virginia_2ASanctuary TIme Lapse

This time lapse encompasses the timeframe from 22 November 2019 through 21 December 2019.  In the span of one month, you can watch the Sanctuary and Constitutional status progress completely across the state to over 89% of all counties in the Commonwealth!   Click the map below to view the full animation!  

Virginia 2A Sanctuary Status as of 12/7/2019

Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary status 12/7/2019

There are currently 43 county Boards of Supervisors who have passed a resolution in support of Second Amendment Sanctuary status. Here is the current map: Here is the list of all of the counties who currently are Second Amendment counties.   County Alleghany County Amherst County Appomattox County Augusta County Bland County Botetourt County Buchanan …

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King George County Board Meeting 2A Sanctuary

I spoke at the King George County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on 03 December 2019.  We were allotted 1 hour for public comment on the Second Amendment resolution, with each speaker having a strict 3 minute time limit.  There were 32 people who had signed up to speak.  They went through half of the list, …

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ATF “Publishing Error” regarding popular 5.56mm projectiles

ATF “Notice of Publishing Error”. ATF on a fact-finding mission “accidentally” forgot to include SS109 and M855 projectile exemptions in the 2014 ATF Regulation Guide. It is my opinion that this was no accidental “publishing error”, and the ATF found out exactly what they wanted to find out – that there would be significant backlash, …

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