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VA ABC settles with college student over water purchase

Virginia student settles lawsuit over her mistaken arrest after water mistaken for beer Published July 31, 2014 (AP) RICHMOND, Va. – A college student who says she fled in terror when undercover officers who thought she had illegally bought beer swarmed her SUV has reached a $212,500 settlement with the state of Virginia. Attorney General …

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Duck Commander line of Mossberg firearms

Phil Robertson and Mossberg have teamed up to produce a line of Duck Commander branded firearms. Here’s the lineup buy generic Cialis followed by a 40 second commercial which has Phil reciting part of the Declaration of Independence.

Happy Thanksgiving VGOFers!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! I know that we all have a lot to be thankful for, and a lot to be hopeful for. This has been a difficult year, but even with the worst president in history – the most rabidly anti-gun president in history – we have still managed to protect …

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Washington Navy Yard Shooting

My deepest and most sincere condolences to those who are affected by the senseless killings that occurred at the Washington Navy Yard in Building 197, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Headquarters on 16 September, 2013. I am a contractor who directly supports NAVSEA, and I spent almost 10 years on active duty in the Navy. …

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VGOF Affiliates – help support VGOF by purchasing from our partners!

In addition to the affiliate partnership, VGOF has partnered with several other companies that you likely have purchased from before. If you need tires for any vehicle, we have a partnership with Tire Rack. If you need ammo or reloading supplies, shooting supplies, etc – we have several partnerships with great retailers like Bass …

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Firearms related shipping restrictions – Magazine sizes

Restrictions – These are the restrictions that we know of, there maybe more out there, customers should check their local and state laws (Revised 04/15/2013) Handguns (Must ship UPS 2nd Day or Registered Priority Mail) Magazine restrictions: California: Cannot ship more than 10 round magazine (handguns must be on state approved list(list is model specific)) …

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Liberator – The .380 Pistol Created from ABS Plastic in a 3D Printer

You can download the CAD blueprints here: This download and a 3D printer are all that are required to print your own .380 auto. How cool is that?! This is off of the DEFCAD forum and is worth reading This thread will be expanded in the next few days, and really it should have …

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Suffolk Second Grader Suspended for Holding Pencil Like a Gun

A seven year old second grader was suspended from Driver Elementary School in Suffolk, Virginia for holding his pencil like a gun. The boy was playing like he was a Marine and another kid was the “bad guy”. The boy held his pencil and made “pew-pew” sounds. The teacher asked him to stop, so he …

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Open letter to Democrat voters

This guy really tells it like it is.  Whether you’re a self-proclaimed Conservative, a Liberal or anything else in between…the point made in this guy’s blog post are right on target.  Other than his frequent use of the F-word, I think that his post is an excellent one.  So excellent in fact, that I felt …

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Safe Gun Handling

This article on US Concealed Carry is a must read for everyone.  It’s likely that no matter how long you’ve been handling firearms, you’ve broken one of these rules a time or two.  Some are outright ridiculous – what people will do with a firearm such as looking down the barrel.  Some of the listed …

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