VCDL 2016 Lobby Day – Virginia General Assembly – 18 Januray 2016

From the VCDL Lobby Day event page on facebook:

WHAT IS “VCDL LOBBY DAY”? This is the day when hundreds and hundreds of gun owners come to the General Assembly building in Richmond (1000 Bank St Richmond, VA 23219) to meet with the Virginia Legislature (our Senators and Delegates). We form small groups around 0830 just outside the building with our legislative agenda and how VCDL stands on bills (Support, Neutral, Don’t support) and we ask our reps to VOTE on bills they way WE want them to vote. More information will be posted in JANUARY 2016 – This VIDEO from buy xanax no prescription 2010 is a small example of what Lobby Day is all about:

– Take off work now (18 January 2016) and plan on coming! Bring a friend!

Additional note from VGOF:

With the recent move by Attorney General Mark Herring to rescind more than 80% of Virginia’s current reciprocity agreements, all efforts to contact your representative are important!  Even more important is that you understand that ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!  Our poor voter turnout in the last Virginia General Election is what put us in this position.  YOUR VOTE COUNTS!  Contact your representatives!  Vote in November!  Your life may depend on it!!