DC Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

  • The Decision – Court Orders DC Gun Ban Unconstitutional
  • Read the actual decision handed down by Senior US Circuit Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin, Jr.  Also posted are the text of the two ordinances imposed upon DC residents by the City Council.  Parts of these ordinances were nullified by the court order.

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  • VGOF Official Statement: Do Not Carry a Gun Into DC Today 
  • by allingeneral ยป Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:04 am

    There’s a lot of discussion today concerning the Saturday ruling by a US District Court Judge regarding the nullification of a couple of Washington DC’s gun restrictions. Several discussions have indicated that DC Police Chief Lanier sent out a memo to all DC police telling them not to arrest people from out of state who carry in DC (i.e. non-DC residents).

    It is VGOF’s official stance at this time that it WOULD NOT BE PRUDENT TO CARRY A FIREARM INTO WASHINGTON DC for several reasons.

    1) There is still a lot of confusion related to this ruling, and unless you have wads of cash and a good lawyer to defend buy meds online pharmacy you, then it would be best to let things air out for awhile

    2) DC still bans magazines over 10 rounds as well as certain types of ammunition. So, if you wander on into DC with your .40 caliber pistol loaded with 14 hollowpoints, you may very well find yourself in a a predicament very quickly.

    3) The National Park police are in charge of the Mall and tons of other areas where federal jurisdiction allows for different penalties above and beyond any law that was passed by the DC City Council.

    I’m interested in hearing others’ thoughts, and possible reasons why to not just jump in the car and drive up to DC today with your sidearm.

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Chief Lanier provided guidance to the DC police force that essentially instructed them not to arrest anyone lawfully carrying a firearm. Guidance is in the link here: DC Police Chief Lanier Guidance to The Force

VGOF still strongly suggests waiting for the air to clear a bit before attempting to carry your firearm in DC!