VGOF endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Governor

VGOF recognizes the dire importance of this year’s governor’s race in Virginia. Millions of dollars have been spent on ad campaigns for Terry McAuliffe (Terry McAwful!) by outside hate groups in an effort to defeat Ken Cuccinelli for the Virginia Governorship.  McAuliffe has the backing of long-time gun-haters including Michael Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, and others.  It would be a mistake for anyone who holds the Second Amendment dear to vote for anyone other than Ken Cuccinelli.

The following is the text from an NRA flier.  VGOF agrees with the NRA’s endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, and hopes that your vote will be counted on November 5th!

Use Your Vote to Save Your Gun Rights…
Defeat Terry McAuliffe!

In his race for Governor, Terry McAuliffe promises to force Obama’s gun control agenda on YOU and every law-abiding gun owner in Virginia.
• McAuliffe supports a ban on commonly owned rifles, pistols, and shotguns.
• McAuliffe supports a ban on standard- buy phentermine no prescription capacity magazines.
• McAuliffe wants to re-impose the failed and discredited one-handgun-a-month gun rationing scheme.
• McAuliffe wants to make it a crime for you to transfer privately-owned firearms, between many family and friends.
• McAuliffe stands shoulder-to-shoulder with President Barack Obama in working to destroy your constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
• McAuliffe is F-Rated by the National Rifle Association.


• As Virginia’s current Attorney General and a former state Senator, Ken Cuccinelli has an outstanding, life-long record of support for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
• Cuccinelli voted to protect citizens’ fundamental right to self-defense during a declared state of emergency by protecting against government seizure or confiscation of lawfully-possessed firearms.
• Cuccinelli voted to protect the private information of concealed carry permit holders, which has been abused by the media and criminals in other states.
• Cuccinelli voted to maintain uniform protections for gun owners throughout the state.