VA CHP Holders Privacy Law Headed to Governor’s Desk

A new law (SB-1335) drafted by Senator Mark Obenshain (R-VA26) has passed the Virginia Senate and the House and is now headed to Governor McDonnell’s desk for signature. If signed into law, this would ensure that Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders would be protected from having their names, addresses or any other personal information released to the newspaper or other media. With recent events in New York regarding the Journal News use of the FOIA and subsequent release of New York Concealed Permit holders (see here), this law makes a lot of sense and puts a layer of protection between CHP holders and the left-wing media. The Journal News even went so far as to publish an interactive map with each CHP holder’s address clearly delineated on a map! The publishing of CHP holder information has also been a problem in Virginia over the past several years with names and addresses being published in the Roanoke Times and the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star newspapers.

My personal thanks to Senator Obenshain and everyone who voted “YEA” on this bill. The final step is Governor McDonnell’s signature.

You can Send Governor McDonnell an email urging him to sign the bill by visiting his website

Here’s the full text of the bill, as amended in the House:

From VCDL:

The Senate has just agreed to the House version of Senator Obenshain’s SB 1335!

The xanax online bill will now head to the Governor’s desk. If he signs SB 1335, then the
private information of all CHP holders will be kept private and not be given to the
press or anyone else (except police while in the performance of their duties).

It passed by a massive margin of 31 to 9!

Our next step will be to contact the Governor. I’ll get back on that and I will advise who supported gun owners and who voted against us shortly.

From VSSA:
Victory for CHP Holder Privacy Protection

The State Senate just passed the House of Delegates substitute to SB 1335 related to the personal information of concealed handgun permit holders being public information.

The bill as introduced would have only protected the personal information of those permit (CHP) holders who had an active protective order. The House made the bill applicable to all CHP holders. The Senate voted by a vote of 31-9 to accept the
House Substitute. This is a huge victory for Virginia CHP holders. If signed by Governor McDonnell, CHP holders will no longer have to worry about their personal information being published in newspapers or being available to anyone other than law enforcement.

When the final vote is posted on the Legislative Information System, VSSA will post the link on the VSSA Blog and gun owners are urged to thank those senators who supported the right to privacy of CHP holders.