Shoot and Greet @ the Cove Campground near Winchester 25 Aug 2012

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Date: 8/25/12
Time: 3pm or 1500 (All day, really)

Place: The Cove (near Winchester, VA)
There is a general admission for a day activity I assume they take only cash.

General Admission– Per Person
Each Adult- $15.00
Each Child (Ages 2-11)- $7.00

What is it: A BBQ/pot luck
TacticalMom is providing proteins, I am thinking BBQ’d pulled pork, some marinated flank steak, maybe some chicken. If you are a vegetarian, you are more than welcome to grill some veggie burgers you bring, but I am just going to focus the meat.

I will bring some balls and game equipment so that people can play while food is cooking. Dinner at about 5pm, then Range time. =) ***

What we need from you:
Sadly, I currently am not independently wealthy, therefore I cannot feed all of you everything. Hence the pot luck. If you guys could respond and let us know if you are coming, and what you are going to bring buy cheap topamax online with you. So I can plan appropriately.

potato salad
macaroni salad


*** Safety:

The Cove has their own rules, however, safety is our utmost concern.

Due to small children being at the BBQ, we will all have to be on our guard.
Obviously only shoot in the designated areas. It is recommended no children under 7 in the shooting range.
Please pick up after yourself in the range. Not only is it a rule of the cove, but it is considerate of those around you.
Please police yourself if you are going to drink. Do so responsibly.

Cove Rules:
Target Range Rules

All firearms must be legal in the State of Virginia.

Please clean up after yourself. Free trashbags and a trash facility are located in the office.

Tracers and armor-piercing bullets are NOT allowed.

You will need to bring your own targets and stands.